Montreal vs Hamilton June 14th.

I called them yesterday, they're not airing it.

Seems like CHML is the only way for fans to follow the action today,pregame starts at 2 kickoff at 3,here is the link with depth charts for both teams and all the info on today's game.It's a shame that TSN isn't carrying the game nor cable 14(which is carrying a show on Yoga among other programming instead of football :x )The REDBLACKS-Riders game is on TSN2 though starting at 6:00 for those of you interested in seeing the debut of Hank and his new team mates in the nations capital.
Oski-Wee-Wee let's go get "em" Cats,lets show them who is going to be #1 this season,even if it is only a preseason game :rockin:

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Looking forward to going to the game today, well part of it, may not stay for it all as we are going to go to the Burlington Sound of Music Festival as well. Excellent day weather wise! GO CATS! TIME FOR SOME SMACKIN LICKEM GRIDIRON FOOTBALL!

No Marc Dile on the roster for the PS game. Still on the roster for the team. I didn't see any mention of his being injured. Anyone know what is up?

I'm guessing that Dile and some other players might have minor dings from training camp,nothing serious,but the team has brought in 3 rookie tackles in Alford,Young and Anderson to compete for the back up position behind starters Figueroa and Simmons.My guess is that Austin wants to take a look at these 3 in game day battle to see if perhaps 1 is capable of replacing Dile as the back up.The other vets not listed on the game day depth chart include Bowman,Wojt,Fortin,Nadon,Ellingson,Davis,
Stephen and Murray.

This is certainly one thing that the CFL needs to fix. I can see not all the pre season games being show on one of the TSN Networks but the schedule of games being broadcast should be out early enough to where there can be at least local broadcast coverage of each game. In this case it would be the Cable 14 for Hamilton. I know there are costs for the Broadcast but the Cable 14 in Hamilton already has a set up for Broadcast of MAC games if I am not mistaken.
Also TiCat TV with a team Broadcast of the game.
Just makes it much more professional to have all of the pre season games available to broadcast for at least the two clubs that are participating and their regions.
This is one thing that the CFL can follow the lead of the NFL. Pre season NFL games for the most part are left up to the club and a local broadcaster.

According to Drew's blog Dile has not taken part in training camp very much so far

Does everyone want to use this as the game thread?

First offensive play of the game by the Ticats was a dump pass to Prime. Well, that answers that question - they might be throwing the ball to him on occasion. Would have been better had he caught it, of course. Would be nice to know why he dropped it - was it a bad throw, or did he just miss it? (Wish we could watch the game instead of just listening.)

Hi folks! Oski wee wee!

Props to HfxTC for starting the thread today! :slight_smile:

I'll start this makeshift game thread
It's only exhibition but football is back. This game will give us an indication of how the Cats will look this season.
Go Cats!

I am surprised and disappointed it is not on Cable 14. I could not go to today's game because of a commitment later this afternoon but it seems silly it is not on TV. Cable 14 does every Mac home game that is not on Sportsnet 360 - so why not this?

I have it on CHML.

Lamar fumbled...the call on the field is that the Als have it.

TSN, as the exclusive CFL TV rights hold, asking too much perhaps?

Interception, we get the ball back

And we have it back on the pick.

Ticats pick it off...Emmanuel Davis we presume!

Calvillo-less Als are...well.. LOL

I loved reading about CJ Gable’s goal to get 1000 yards rushing and 1000 yards receiving. If we can get that kind of production in the passing game from the backfield, it would be sweet!

We have a long snapping issue. Hopefully we find somebody who doesn't get Medlock killed.

ANOTHER Ticat pick...PI?