Montreal vs Hamilton June 14th.

Since game isn't televised. Any plans to stream on Ticats site or CHML ?

Normal cable 14 dose the game and cogeco 23 in Burlington picks it up as well
since I have Bell Fibe I won’t be watching

[url=] ... hedule.pdf[/url]

If anyone wants to chip in for a data plan someone could stream with their smart phone, but otherwise I haven't heard of anything. Disappointing no Cat's game will be shown this year.

No Cat's pre-season games will be shown this year...

Will CHML broadcast the game on radio.

They better be broadcasting it,bad enough that we get shut out of TSN's pre season games.There's still time though for Cable 14 to pull a rabbit out of it's hat,but I wouldn't bet on it.

Likely the reason the game is not televised is that its being played at Mac.

Either way, those of us outside the Hamilton area won't be able to watch the games. :frowning:

Guess I'm stuck listening on CHML online - assuming it's being broadcast at all.

pretty excited for this, even though its preseason.

Zach playing in black in yellow is the real reason i'll go to this game for a bit. I'd prefer to see Burris truth be told. defence Is another reason even though it'll be vanilla.

ohh and OchoCinco, hopefully he plays. i'll still boo him though even though I've been a big fan of his.

who/what are you guys looking forward to see (or not see)

no one?

I thought for sure someone would like to see Chad do a riverdance celebration....

The cheerleaders ........what else?

Okay, now we have three threads about the game June 14th. Really?

Here's what Ocho Cinco had to say

Make sure we punish him for his poor Geography.

He's not playing.

[url=] ... thid/10085[/url]

He is flying to Ontario, and is listed first at receiver on the depth chart, I think he's playing !!

It also shows Smith at quarterback, but he is likely not playing due to his knee.

That's why the cfl shouldn't look at the nfl idiot players they don't care about our game its about them in the spot light stay south n deal ur dope

I think is the opposite. He's building on the division rivalry and playing the game. He's wanting us to hate him cause it heightens our fan experience. If he didn't care about the league or his team, he simply wouldn't be here. He genuinely loves the game; every single aspect of it.

I’m waiting for post 4 of cable 14 saying there showing the game

Bang bang nail him to the wall when he goes for a catch. :wink: This ain't soccer, this is the brutalful game. :wink: