Montreal vs Hamilton - Gameday

After all the talk of Montreal dominating this year:

If they lose this game, Hamilton will drop them into 2nd place in the East.

Will be interesting although my TiCats will probably come up short but give the Als a bit of a run for their money. We will miss Floyd though I'm afraid.

It's a shame they have to face Montreal right now. The team built up so much momentum with good wins against B.C. and Winnipeg. Now they have to face the Als, a team they have about a 1-10,000 chance of winning. If they lose, I hope it's not by much. I'd hate to see all their momentum dissipate. I picked the Als in BigDave's VGCC, but I'll be cheering for his 'Cats.

But a win cements them as a contender so that would change the whole dynamics in Hamilton and be a boon for ticket sales.

IMO the Cats will boost their stock today if they win (duh) or if they lose a close one. If they get blown out, they won't look bad per se -- we've blown out some good teams in the past few weeks -- but it will sap a bit of the momentum and good vibes that the Cats have built up through the wins over B.C. and Winnipeg.

I'm sorry, the only way the Ti-Cats win this one is if crusty the clown is QB'ing for the AL's.

But I'm hopeful for a good game.

Yup, I'd bet the odds for this game are 20-1 for the Als but I'll be watching for a big upset, oh man would that be sweeeeeeeeeet.

As long as the TiCats can hang with them for 4 quarters, I would consider that a step in the right direction. Rarely does anyone walk into Montreal when the Als are on a roll and pull an upset. That's usually reserved for late in the season or the playoffs. :wink:

I'd put the over/under at 20

Lose by less than 20 and it is a moral victory, lose by more than 20 and the Ticats will have to re-group.

Go Cats

Well score Q1 to the Cats, the Tabbie D is doing it's job so far!!

So far Hamilton has looked pretty good and Montreal only so-so. Although the officials have made IMO the correct calls so far, it would be nice if they explained them better.

Nice grab by Richardson.

Damn, we have a storm system moving through the area and the sat. reception is spotty. Just lost the 1st 5 minutes of the 2nd qtr.

Ouch, looked like Shea Emry just hit Porter in the groin area, don't think it was intentional though.

Porter's back in the game, although he's now in a bit of a hole.

Back-to-back TDs for AC and the Als. I'd say this game is over. It's just a matter how much Hamilton loses by now.

Q2 goes to the Als, time for the Cats to step up!

Nice to have the int. but can the Cat offence do anything with it? :roll:

March it down to the one and pull a Whitlock?


That will hurt the cats....that ball should have been a TD