Montreal vs. Evil Incarnate at THF GT, Fri. Oct. 23, 7 pm

Wendy's Friday Night Football
Montreal Alouettes vs Toronto Argonauts
Tonight at 7PM ET / 4PM PT on TSN1, TSN4 and TSN5

A big game for both teams in the playoff race. Montreal needs this game to keep the West crossover berth possibility alive, while Evil is trying to hold off Ottawa and keep its small chance of catching Hamilton for first in the East, It should be interesting to see how the Kevin Glenn experiment gets on with game two for the Als.

Oski Wee Wee,


Too bad Alouette isn't the translation for sea gull; then the 'dirty birds' could really c**p on the 'good ship'. Actually, I guess the best outcome for the CATS would be a tie. But those are as rare as a clean gull.

Just tuned in. Any "crowd" shots yet? :smiley:

So the return of Kevin Glenn to THF just two weeks after his last visit - only then he was wearing green and playing in a loud packed stadium - and NOT scoring TDs which the larks have just accomplished.

Argos making Glenn look good right now. This zone defence looks positively lethargic.

Haven't seen any - just empty stands as they took shots at the players on the sidelines just before kickoff.

Proulx refereeing - advantage for the larks???

Looks like the blew team missed the bus or GO train - they have yet to show up! :roll:
Larks on the other hand are DETERMINED to make it to the playoffs by the looks of things.

Looked away for 30 seconds and next thing I see the blew team with the ball when the larks seemed to be driving pretty well. Glenn tossing picks again? :lol:

End zone shots are empty, empty, empty. Shot now of the stands behind the benches also empty. Who are the cheerleaders leading? This is sad.

8-0 Montreal after the rouge. Behind the cheerleaders, from a camera shot earlier there are fans.

Hi folks!

A&G@$ showing no energy and the Montreal linebackers are playing quite well. Muamba didn't look too impressive his first two games with the Als but that unit looks complete right now.

Hi Russ. What was that? Did you just pop in for 15 seconds? Celebrating the birthday a bit late and doing it tonight? :slight_smile:

I wish you whipped cream and other delights!

Stands behind the benches weren't open last game. Going to be the same this game. Sad when fans attending only occupy about 1/4 of ONE side of the stadium! :frowning: :oops:
Of course the Jays game being on in a few minutes certainly makes it a tough sell. Maybe they should have just tried to get Mac or one of the other university stadiums.

A and G at Money - Go Argos Go

Nah.... not on THIS board, Taylor. Them guys never get cheered here. :slight_smile:

Nothing on the main board. Is this a possible result of TSN's parcelling out of games? Last week the main board paid no attention to the A&G@ - Ottawa game either.

Actually I remember Muamba having a couple of good plays in his first game but he sure didn't seem to have much impact last week.

Argos look like they have a mental block about winning at THF while the larks look like they should win there all the time! :roll: What might hurt the larks is their penchant for taking penalties (most of the hankies have gone their way so far) and of course the blew team is famous for being the 4th quarter "cardiac kids" although if the blew defenders don't soon start to make some decent tackles ten they'll have a pretty big hole to crawl out of.

Just testing Mark - posting here instead of the CFL forum board and I posted the thread over there too.
15-0 Montreal blowout?

Als score again. Smelling crossover?