Montreal vs Edmonton Preview with Picks

Montreal vs Edmonton kicks off Week 5 interesting to see if Montreal can bounce back at home which of these two teams will drop to 1-4 and put their playoff hopes in trouble early? I think a low scoring game between struggling offenses but who knows.

Going with Montreal and the Under I think

Who do you guys got?

Montreal is better.. Edmonton is not at the same Level.

Esks will lose.

Wishful thinking. Hatred won't help. early 'must win' for Montreal, Edmonton is re-building and can better absorb the loss (Reed's job isn't near as tenuous as Hawkin's position is)

Yes, seeing as he was recently extended.

This is tough...I mean, it is a battle of 2 teams struggling.
Als - Most people see that the offensive gameplan (OC) of the Als is the main ain't 4 down football, so stop calling it like you would a 4 down game. Get AC back to 2-3 steps and release (perhaps they would be better off just letting him call his own plays!).
Esks - New QB, had 2 tough games in crazy rain, one game (opener) was against a club that was simply further along... but the OL seems to be improving...just like many anticipated. This will be 2 weeks out of the storms, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

I feel that the Esks said from day one that they would be gelling to week 6, where as the same team that has been perpetual contenders is still mainly in one piece with new coaches...coaches that apparently watches some old footage of the team, then burned it. If the Als keep the same gameplan, they lose. If they come out 1/2 as strong as they did last week, they win (apparently the coaching staff was unaware that a 3-4 score lead can be erased fairly easily in 3 down ball), because I don't think the Esks are ready for a comeback like that.

I just have a feeling that the Als players are ready to quit on their staff...I have to take the Esks, but I wouldn't be shocked either way.

My prediction since no one cares - Mtl wins unless Crompton replaces Reilly at halftime.

Many people have been questioning the protection Calvillo is getting. I just think that he is not releasing as quickly as in the past. Age as caught up on him. That being said he may not be as good as he once was but as the saying goes. He can catch lightning in a bottle now and then, hopefully not tonight.

It will be close due to Montreal having home field but Eskimos will prevail and I predict a big night for Stamps.

2013 Toilet Bowel I.

Edmonton. I said this in my picks this week; Edmonton had one bad quarter last week, Montreal only played one quarter. Montreal is in complete disarray and I don't see it getting better soon.

Eskies 17-10

Maybe, but I think that's a bit simplistic. I read also that a lot of it has to do with Miller having receivers run a lot of NFL type crossing routes which aren't really used in the CFL and receivers aren't getting open. Plus we've seen Calvillo throw to areas on the field where there is no receiver and it seems receivers either aren't where they should be or Calvillo is confused as to whats being run. Holding onto the ball too long may be the result of him waiting for the receivers to get open or hit those spots where they should be.

The bolded part I agree with. As I said, it is like the coaches watched old footage, then burned it. You have one of the best QBs of all time, play to his skill set. If they did not want to play to his skill set, then they should have traded him or released him and put that fat salary towards a potential replacement, because it is ridiculous to tell a 20 year vet who rewrote the record book to relearn his job. New playbook...sure, new style...hell no.

AC made a career out of quick reads, now they are asking him to let plays develop.

Montreal wins

Compton looked good in the last set of downs he played in the last game, with he and his team scoring a TD.

The defense was probably playing in a prevent defense. I'm not taking anything away from Compton, I think he's a good QB.

Yup good start by the offense .

Devine-Shaw in a major collision. Shaw looked like he got the worst of that.

I thought they good have called a major on MTL for a late hit on Stamps

I knew I saw something in Mike Reilly. Too bad its Mark Sanchez.

What an idiotic throw by Crompton with another fine play by Emry. The throw was not even on any target and low and Emry made a play out of it. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I picked Montreal largely because they are at home.

I think Reed has lost it

Kavis ego is getting in the way of sound decisions. He is bringing the team down. Wow

I guess Kavis doesn’t believe in developing a QB. 4 qb changes in 5 minutes, brutal. I’m glad he is not my teams coach.

I am glad he is coaching a team in my division. :rockin: