Montreal vs Calgary Gameday thread

Last game of the weekend.

Huf's Stampeders are 6-3 againstTrestman's Als.

Let's go Al's!

OK, that was a pretty awesome intro!!! :thup:

Where did they find that singer ? He's terrible ! I hate it when people butcher our Anthem :twisted:

They even showed the entire intro including the anthem on ESPN3, which isn't something they always do. :thup:

I really love The Hip. Great band. I hope they come around here again soon.

Marc Trestman is 12 wins from becoming the Als coach with the most wins 60 (record is 59)

Best College party band I've ever heard...

Not a sell out

Well, that punt sucked. :lol:

Always disappointing when a team gets great field position and has to settle for a FG. Of course, I picked Montreal in the VGCC, so…

What you laughing at :twisted:


Wow. Just like that it's 10-0 Calgary. :o That was a huge fumble.

You don't see JR make that mistake too often. Good head up play by the young safety!

How many times has Cornish's helmet come off now? I've counted at least two instances, and we're still in the first quarter.

TD by Cornish makes it 17-0, and we're only 11 minutes in. Definitely didn't see this coming. :?

That would've been a huge catch. Montreal's not catching any breaks.


Wow Drew Tate is standing up Calvillo massively already. :o We did not see that coming either. And now Cornish continues to romp with his excellent offensive line today.

Already looking like a blow out.

Looks like the West will rule again this year. Based on 4 games.

Tate was good when he was in Regina. We all hated it when he left for Cowtowm. He's got along career ahead of him.