Montreal VS Argos

Wow, Argos over the Als is at 76.5% - Go Montreal Go 8)

no montreal no :slight_smile:

The Als at home battling for a playoff spot, it's not going to be easy for the Argos. But the way that the Argos are playing right now on the road they "should" win. But it's going to be all about the Als QB situation.

I went out on a limb and picked the Als. Argos are on a short week (5 days) and the Als have the long break (10 days). Almost like a bye. I agree with slim about the Argos on the road. Officially they're 4-4, but the Fort Mac and Ottawa games were essentially road games which put them at 6-4.

Still have to go with the Als. Als need the win more than Toronto and the long rest against Torontos short week are worth a FG difference.

I think the Als players might be sick of the constantly returning of Jim Popp to the sidelines. Say what you will about Higgins, but the players for the most part liked him. I think the Als are looking to next year.

Argos will win.

Normally I say " anyone but the Als".

In this case I will be cheering for them. I want to see Ham and Ott on top in the East.

Als are tough at home. If they do loose, I wonder who Jim Popp will blame ?

John Lu on the sidelines. His wild ties are a distraction for the players.

Tom Higgins was not their problem. IMO.

Huge game for the Als to pull off a victory and sit at 6-8 for the sixth seed. Lots of football left though.

Als are tough at home and Argos had a short week.

This game just became huge for Montreal. Looking at the schedule for BC, Winnipeg and Montreal the Als should crossover if they can win just 2 of their final 5. A split with the Argos is not unreasonable and they finish the season against the Riders.

Montreal looks to be in the driver seat, but I also thought BC was a lock for third place because they would have 6 wins after beating Winnipeg last night. Yeah, that one didn’t work out to well for me.

Gotta cheer for the Argos. Just can't stomach the thought of an East crossover this year.

I expected the same outcome you did . . . but it's tough to predict when all 3 teams in the wildcard race are relying on inexperienced back-ups. Fun to see what happens, though!

I wouldn't bet it now the way things have see sawed back and forth in unexpected ways, but I do think with the schedules the 3 teams have that Montreal has the best shot at the final playoff spot. Then again I may have just jinxed it with that comment. :wink:

I don't think anyone predicted the Bombers beating the Lions at home. The Als, Bombers and Lions all with 5 wins but the Als have 5 games remaining and the Bombers only 3 and the Lions 4. You would have to think that the Als have the odds with them for the crossover.

Opening drive, too easy - 7-0 Argos

Chip Cox - horse tackle from a veteran player, ridiculous
But Muamba pick-off leads to FG - Toronto leads 7-3

That was a great interception by Muamba.

I hate to say it but.... let's go Als...

Anyone know why Toronto is wearing blue?

Als must keep the score close going into the half

Montreal chose to wear White Jerseys

Skookum, TD Montreal on the ground, too easy - 9-7 Montreal at the 3:00 minute warning