Montreal versus Toronto 22 October

Hi all

My wife and I are from England, we will be visiting Canada in October and are hoping to take in a CFL game, by our schedule our best chance will be Montreal vs Toronto on 22 October which I believe is being played at the Olympic stadium, but first I have a couple of questions. Do you reckon we could get decent seats on the day or will we have to book in advance? Also I think I'll be able to follow the game as I have seen American football before, but typically how long does a game last? Any other hints or tips? Thanks for your help.

Hi Limey

With an Als game, it is always better to buy your ticket in advance, especialy for a first, you dont want to be on the Big O upper floor. If you’re stuck up there, better bring binocular…

Expect a good 3 hours game. But also expect 45-60 minutes waiting line just to get in. So try to get there early. The big O is easy to reach by the Subway/Tube.

Dont bring bags, so you will avoid the security harrassement.

Bring cash. The beer is expensive.

Dont plan anything too soon after the game, it may take a while to get out of there…

Beside that, have fun :slight_smile: and welcome to Canada

Cheers uglyandhasty

We're staying in Longueuil but only arrive in Montreal that morning (arriving from Ottawa) is Longueuil far from the stadium? Will try to get an early train from Ottawa so that we can make it in time. If you see a couple of red headed people at the game wearing Rugby Jerseys with the logo 'Widnes Vikings' that will be us so say hello.

Welcome in buddy.

In Montreal, the Als game are always sold out. Last year, I was a bit late to buy tickets for the Big-O game. I was sitting 6 rows from the freakin's roof, next to the concrete wall at the end of the last section (no kidding).

The Als and the Rens all looked like fruit-flies, and I could not even see the big screen.

Longueuil isn't too far from tyhe Big-O, especially if you travel in the Subway (there's a station in Longueuil). But when 60 000 people try to get the trains at once, it can easily take over 90 minutes to get out of there.

Its about a 20-30 minute train ride from Longueuil to the Big O.
From Longueuil its 2 stops to Berri UQAM, change trains there and you have another 6-7 stops depending if you get off at PIE IX(pronounced P-nuff) or Viau. PIE-IX is better though it leads right into the stadium.

You can buy your tickets online

then click on tickets upper left corner
I dont know about international orders

Those were my seats for the East final in 2003 :wink: Scoreboard, what Scoreboard ???....Musical act, what musical act ??? I do hear some music but no

I'm sure you have better seats this season, since your a season ticket holder :wink: