Montreal v Toronto - - What a Mismatch That Was

Probably a good thing that nobody had a game thread for this one - - what a one sided game. Especially the second half.

Argos pathetic OLine surrenders another five sacks. I pointed this out in the first week of the season - - how long will it take for Toronto to acknowledge their OLine is pure garbage and needs to be replaced?

Milanovich ran the ball TWO (2) times after the first quarter. Absolutely defies logic. Your OLine can't pass protect and the back up QB can't do anything with the passing game, and you call two rushing plays over three quarters of play - - WTF was Scotty trying to prove?

The game plan against Anthony Calvillo is as simple as it gets. Calvillo doesn't like pressure - - knock him down a few times and he's completely off his game. Calvillo makes great reads and is an incredibly accurate passer - - give him time in the pocket and he'll shred any secondary. So easy to draw up a game plan against him.

But Ego Jones wants no part of a pass rush. On the long pass to Deslaurier, Ego Jones dropped his best pass rusher into coverage and went with a three man rush. On the long TD to Richardson Ego Jones had Dave Lee and EJ Kuale trying to pass rush - - two guys with a combined total of ZERO career sacks. Gift wrapped 10 points for Montreal.

If you can't get pressure on the QB and you can't stop the run, you're going to struggle.

Is it time for Ego Jones to swallow his pride and return Ahmad Carroll to the starting lineup and send TJ Williams back to the PR?

Williams was torched again this week on another long pass. As per usual, he never looked around and hand no clue where the ball was.

Biggest problem was another pathetic attempt at a tackle. Last week he did underhand wave on a long TD run. This week Williams somehow tackled himself instead of Jamal Richardson on another long TD pass.

Anybody watching on TV likely wouldn't have seen what happened after that, but Jordan Younger got in Williams' face on the bench and looked as if he was ready to brawl.

Come on Ego Jones - - all these rookies might nod eagerly at every foolish scheme you implement, but you win with veterans, not a bunch of kids.

In one of the few positives for Toronto, how about that catch and run for a TD by Andre Durie? Six catches on the day - - nice to see Toronto focus on getting the ball to their best receiver.

Yes. Why Carroll has not played recently is baffling? I'm surprised Williams is in the league, let alone getting playing time. He should have knocked Richardson out at the 4 yet barely brushed him.

We have some odd personnel decisions that I don't understand.

The defense is better than last year, but why does every defensive coordinator we hire sit back and let Calvillo pick us apart. Have we put more than a 4-man rush on him since 2009?

But at least we cut Cory Boyd instead of benching him, that was a great decision :thdn:

Didn't Toronto beat us in Montreal with Ray in the lineup and keep Calvillo to 20 points ?

Yes, 23-20, but that was early in the season when the Als were struggling. Pure luck if you ask me. The offense has not come together the way it should and hasn't shown any improvement since the first month. Discipline continues to haunt this team as well. Now there were some questionable calls, but still too many dumb penalties killing big plays or extending opposition drives.

I think the Argos are headed for a major embarassment. They were 7-6 with 5 games to go and challenging for 1st in the east, but with 3 games to go I would pick the Argos to win any of them and a 7-11 finish could put them out of the playoffs. Edmonton needs 1 more win to move ahead of the Argos and Hamilton needs 2 to tie them. Realistically the Eskies could win 1 of their final 3 and if Hamilton beats Winnipeg they would only need a 9 point win over Toronto to take the season series and 2nd place.

East will finish like this;

  1. Montreal
  2. Hamilton
  3. Toronto
  4. Winnipeg

and Edmonton will take the crossover. Argos were hyped to try and make the 100th Grey Cup at home, but I don't see these clowns even making the playoffs now.

Some members are acting as if Calvillo posted 400 yards and 5 TDs on the Argos. In actual fact, he was under 300 yards, barely at 50% completion percentage, and only posted one major on a big play. I don’t think you blame your defense for this loss, especially with that Emry pick-six late in the game that basically sealed the deal for Montreal.

Toronto with Ray in the lineup will beat Winnipeg at home this week and that will lock things up. I am not sure why you would pick Hamilton to beat Toronto on the road either. Toronto should win their two remaining home games if Ray is back.

Right now they can't fight their way out of a wet paper bag with directions. The defense held the Als in the first half and then imploded with dumb penalties and a complete lack of effort (I've seen more effort from 6 year olds playing flag football than Williams, I think, on Richardsons touchtown) that let them in the game. With or without Ray this team won't make the playoffs and they don't deserve to be there.

There is no way Hamilton beats Toronto by 9 points in the last game of the season. I would shocked if it even came down to that, because Toronto is going to beat Winnipeg this week while Calgary will beat Hamilton.

The Argos have dominated the Ticats this year, if Chris Williams hadn't won the first game all by himself the season series would be at 3-0 right now.

Totally agree. Nuff said.

(would be a different conversation if Montreal didn't get that very nice interception touch down, and Toronto... ahh never mind...)

Sometimes players make selfish decisions that hurt the team - - in this case it's a coach, Ego Jones, making selfish decisions that are hurting the team.

Carroll got benched for taking some dumb PI calls. Tristan Black got benched for taking some holding calls on STs last week. Why does Marcus Ball get a free pass to take so many stupid 15yd roughing penalties and consistently jumping offside?

Why is an undrafted rookie from the CIS lining up at DE?

Why is an undersized DB who does his best to avoid contact playing LB?

Why is a three year veteran with ZERO career sacks playing rush end?

It's mind boggling to see these kind of personnel decisions. But that would explain why Ego Jones has never had a head coaching job, when other coordinators with far less experience than him are gettign hired.

With as bad as the offence has been, I'm not sure if anybody realizes the Argo defence has been struggling for the past two months.

Over the past eight games Toronto has given up an average of 27 points per game. Last year's embarassment gave up 27.7 points per game.

Over the past eight games Toronto has given up an average of 119yds rushing per game. Last year's embarassment gave up 136yds rushing per game.

Over the past eight games Toronto has managed one sack per game. Last year's embarassment averaged 1.5 sacks per game.

Over the past eight games Toronto is 3-5, with one win being a late game gift from Smiling Hank.

I'm not seeing much of an improvement, are you?

The defense limited Montreal to 17 points and Toronto finished almost even in time of possession, yet the Argos still lost by 12 points. That's not on the defense. The offense posted 12 points over four quarters of football. Not even close to being good enough.

A couple of costly penalties for the Argos in the first half taking away at least 1 td and maybe even 1 more....

I'm not as down on the defense overall as you are, but to bench Carroll in favor of Williams after a couple PI penalties is one of the strangest things I've ever seen. Zero logic there. Carroll was arguably one of the top secondary players in the league the first half of the year, now he can't even get on the field? Makes little sense.

First Toronto made one O line change and it was for the better but did very little else to make improvements which is disapointing. The ratio had some to do with it as they just have the minimum 7 in the starting line up now.
Milanovich had stated that Matt Black, their Back up Canadian Safety to import Younger, could be a starter other teams in the league but he is playing behin Younger. Right there Milanovich made the choice to stick with the O line he had. The only option would have to have started Black at Safety and moved younger to a CB or HB spot. He played CB most of his career. Younger could have been backed up by veteran Etienne Boulay who they brough in to help on special teams. Youger could have moved to a HB or CB slot and made MCCoulough or Carrol to the dime back. Rirht now would be the perfect situation to do so as T.J. Williams has no business starting so shuffling Younger to the outside and Black and Boulay at Safety would enable them to bring in an interior import lineman. Most likely the best would to move parenteau to Center and bring in an Import G. With the line ups of most teams featuring all NIs at C and G the best available import OTs are already in the league but there should be quite a few quality import guards without a job.
Milanovich Ultimately made the decision to keep the DBs in tact even though Black is of starters quality and go with interior OLineman that are hurting them. I am not sure that this was the best choice. The did bring Reinders back but he apparetly is not ready to step in Mid season as Washington was at LT. I suspect that they would rather wait until the start of Training camp to set Reinders in at RG since eh has not played a regular season game since University in 2009 but has learned a lot in twi NFL training camps since. Washinton had the advantage of playing some for Calgary last season and also playing quite a bit in the Arena League so he was much more game ready to step in.

Also with Hamilton and Winnipeg continuing to lose Milanovich has chosen to keep both Ray and Kackert out of the line up as things sit now I guess he would rather have them more rested to ensure they will be ready and available for the playoffs and be OK with hosting a first round game at home wiht which may appear to be Edmonton at this point in the crossover. A tough and risky decision as the Argos are four points behin Montreal with three games left but do have the tie breaker already going into this pat weekends game by beating Montreal twice earlier in the season. But then again there home field advantage really is not much to brag about so I guess he figures it is a good gamble and that going into Olympic for the Eastern final is doable.
With Winnipeg up next who knows whether Ray will play in this one either but Jackson certainly is not getting the job done. It will be an intersting run to the playoffs the last three weeks

Uh, what? Montreal, with yesterday's win, has the tie-breaker. We've beaten the Argos twice. They've beaten us once.

The only good thing about this game is when it was OVER! This was the most BOOOOOOOOOOOOORING game Johnny has seen in years. :thdn: