MONTREAL v TORONTO in eastern final

For Stubbs to jump into this role midseason as a first-year player and not only carry the mail at SAM but excel is truly remarkable. It’s a very difficult position to play and not every DB is going to have the mentality and the skill set for it.

He’s made me forget about Adarius Pickett in a hurry.


I was going to point out how unlikely it would be for someone who just suffered a concussion to go to the CFL awards and make a speech (not to mention the usual light sensitivity issue), but this is better:

TSN (at 0:12) debunks the Chad Kelly concussion claims.

And this:

I don’t really think any of this is a huge deal, but I do think Kelly was unwise to hide behind a possible concussion to explain his postgame actions. I know he’s a CFL newcomer but he’s not 22. He should know better. Now he’s made his own situation worse from an optics standpoint and likely angered Toronto management in some way.

Anyway, he’s a talented QB and we need as many of those in this league as we can. I hope he sticks around.


Avec ce qu’il a dit, il risque d’étouffer le peu d’intérêt qu’il aurait pu susciter dans la NFL. Pour ma part, j’ai des doutes sur ses explications. Nous verrons.


Indeed, but sadly, this isn’t the first time Chad Kelly hides behind lies instead of taking responsibility for his actions. In 2018, he went to the Broncos’ Halloween party. He punched a photographer, broke his $14K camera and broke his nose, which nearly killed him and which required 4 surgeries to repair. He then fought with security guards and got kicked out. Afterward, he broke into a house and refused to leave, ultimately threatening and attacking the owner. This led to 2 lawsuits. He denied and pleaded not guilty to most allegations.

He initially claimed he was invited into the house, but after surveillance camera footage was leaked showing how he got kicked out, he changed his plea, stating that he wanted to visit some friends in the neighborhood (what are the odds given that he had been living in that state for only a few months? and at 1am?) and entered the wrong house.

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My goodness. Had no idea about any of that. Wow. Let’s hope he has matured since then.

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I just listened to yesterday’s 3fown nation podcast everyone in their group felt he was telling the truth.

Thanks, Stephen

They’re Toronto fans and they got the scoop, so the opposite would have been surprising. Apparently, nobody finds it suspicious that Kelly revealed he had a concussion to absolutely nobody except for a blogging website.

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Neither possibility is great for anyone concerned.

If Kelly did have a concussion, the Argos either knowingly or accidentally let him play the whole game, which could be a legal issue.

If he didn’t have a concussion, he concocted a story to explain … not being available in the postgame? The lie would be bad enough but it would also be a lie in service to the stupidest possible reason for faking an injury.

No reasons to not trust Kelly on that…

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But his own team has denied any knowledge of a concussion. So either he’s lying or he hid his concussion so well that neither Dinwiddie nor anyone else knew it was happening. Teams are pretty careful about having players undergo concussion protocol these days…

He used the concussion as an excuse both for his performance and for skipping the handshake.

He didn’t tell his team or the media about his symptoms after the game. He didn’t tell them anything either over the next 4 days. Then all of a sudden he drops the info on some bloggers, right before the CFL awards? And he told them this:

“I’ve had one (concussion) before and it wasn’t to the extent of this one, but it’s definitely something that you gotta get help.”

Yet he didn’t ask for any help given how his team was unaware.

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Actually one is from bc and is a bc fan. Another is from Winnipeg.

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Ah. I should’ve said “the majority of them” then.

Edit: Unless you’re talking about those on the podcast only.

Abbott is from BC, Hodge from Winnipeg, Dunk from Southern Ontario, I believe.

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The Argos released a statement that Kelly was not injured. They didn’t say they were not aware. This means the team did their job and went to Kelly during and after the game and evaluated and questioned him about it.

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Decided to rewatch the game highlights one last time, and noticed something interesting (at least to me)… Upon Ento’s interception, Andrew Harris (who was on the sidelines) was so pissed that he quickly took his helmet off and slammed it to the ground. If I recall correctly, on RDS they said Harris gave a little speech to Kelly after an earlier interception, so maybe he was mad to see he didn’t listen to what he said.

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