Montreal V Hamilton

Did anyone order CFL games the 2014 version ?

Not sure why Adams was so angry after throwing the touchdown . They didn't state or show he was roughed up .
Yes the pocket collapsed and was knocked down in the rush . Odd .

Got away with one by letting him run into the ref while celebrating.

Now all those Hamilton fans who made fun of our team can line up and own that sparkling 7-11 you have, same as ours. :lol: :lol:

Beep beep Hamilton fans! See you next week when your Ticats are "one and done". :smiley:

Well the cat's second stringers lasted at least a week longer than your first stringers.

Tune in next week when the old girls complain that the officials robbed their cherubs playoffs run.

More like see you next year.
You & your team is on the outside & looking in.
Looks good on all 3 of ya.
C'est domage. hahahahaha

Yup, congrats Al's you actually improved over your record of 6-12 from last year with that sparkling 7-11 record this year. You were actually the only team to accomplish that feat in the East division this season.
I guess the only thing that we can kinda both sorta brag about and agree on is that a 7-11 record this year means we both didn't stink as bad as those 5-13 ArgoNots :lol: and we both only ended up with 1 win less than those 1rst place TWOCOLOURS. :roll:
GEEEZ the East really SUCKED this year , embarrassing football all around by all 4 teams. :oops: :thdn:

Good news for the Als is that they already fixed their biggest problem: getting Jim Popp off the sidelines. Once he was gone, the team was competitive, by the standards of the East.

The strong finish is at least something they can glean some positives out of.