Montreal Trip

I had a great time in Montreal. The flight in was short and smooth. The accomodations at the Fairmont were great.Had a great time at the dinner with the team, got to know them better. The breakfast was great as well. The game was entertaining, sitting behind the bench gave me a new perspective. Seeing Coach Marshall almost blowing a gasket on the defence (which they deserved for their poor play) was something I will never forget. The flight home was short and smooth as well. Got to meet some some very nice people on the trip, they got a kick out of my Ti-Cat tattooed artificial leg. Kudos to Alicia Seroski for putting the trip together, I look forward to doing it again next year.

Think I saw you there, I was sitting a bit higher than you....

Hope you were well treated by the Als fans (we really arent bad people you know) and that you enjoyed the experience of Percival Molson, the SECOND best CFL stadium, after IWS of course!

The Cat's came up a bit short, but it was an exciting game with tons of offence!

I was there in the end zone. Great time. Fans were great. I'll be back again. Great game day experience.