Montréal @ Toronto

The Kack is going to get lots of work.

And they wonder why they have attendance problems... No respect for paying fans.

I don`t understand how Noel Devine has managed to stay on the roster all this time without being used.

I suspect we paid him most of his money up front and we just don't want another team to pick him up for peanuts.

Going many games back, Noel Devine was injured/unable to play but,rather than put him on the 1 game injured list, they decided to keep him on the active roster; had he been transferred to injured list,another player would have had to be added to the active roster,translating into additional costs; furthermore, since there are healthy scratches every week,I understand Devine remaining on active roster.

On November 9,2013 Brandon Whitaker is coming off the 9 game injured list; if healthy he will be added to active roster and Devine could be transferred to 1 game injured list.


I think you need to call your friend :wink:

Which friend?

I do agree with you HfxTC, the Argos have no respect for their fans; I understand that some players may need a rest but not a third of the team. Presently, the Argos have 22 players on injured lists,including 17 on 1 game.

Should the Als win it will prove nothing; should they lose it will be a shame.


Doing what you can to maximize your chances of winning the Grey Cup is disrespecting your fans?

Absolutely. The fans that have "PAID" to sit in those seats a week, a month ago and figured they were taking their kid to see their heroes are getting ripped off. You can "rest" a guy who's beat up, played a lot of ball or is older even a few of them but to put give the week off to 16 of your 25 starters is theft IMO. The Argos already get a week off but they need to cheat the system and take two. That's what it comes down to. And the family that paid 200 or 300 dollars to go see this team is getting ripped off.

And it`s Fan Appreciation Night. Interesting that CEO Rudge allowing Milanovich to do it.

With the amazing season Ray had, you at least put him in for a series and then after another play you take him out to the cheers of the fans.

Well, I'm a fan, who paid for my seats, and it not only doesn't offend me, I am thrilled to see a bunch of prospects get some live game action while keeping my team's key players injury-free for the game that matters in two weeks.

You can bet the Argos aren't the only playoff-bound team planning to rest guys this weekend -- they may be resting more than other teams, but by the logic I'm reading here, the only guys who should be allowed to sit are those who are injured. Well, everyone is somewhat injured at this stage of the season. If any team loses a key starter after playing him in a meaningless game when a backup was available, they will regret it.

The Argos did this last year in the season finale. Montreal did it in 2009 for sure, and no doubt other years when they had clinched first place. And some of those games mattered to the opposition -- these games this weekend matter to no one. So what better chance to rest key guys and get a pre-camp look at some new guys? Doesn't offend me in the slightest.

That's a lie. Facts suck I guess. Emry,Cahoon even played and that was on the road. Mr. Wettenhaul would have never allowed that to be done even on the road.

McPherson and Leak were Montreal's QBs that season? Owens and McKay were among their regular receivers? Hmmm, didn't know that.

Did you read what I wrote. I'm not saying they can't rest guys. They are not fielding a team. Very different. Anyway enjoy sitting there with the other 8000 paying customers I guess.

Paul, Paul, Paul… I don’t even know why your arguing. You agree with every word I’ve said on the Argofrans forum.

Week off or not, there is just as much chance of being injured on a fluke play. I see no reason whatsoever to play Owens and Durie. We already know we're not playing Ray and Kackert; why risk something happening to the other two key guys on the offence? What reason is there to play them? There isn't one, other than possible (speculative) bonuses and there's no reason you can't just declare the bonuses achieved and be done with it.
Are you being a Smurf ? :wink:

Are you trying to make my case for me? It seems that way, since the quote you pasted in has me advocating not dressing key players.

Yeah key players, not 17 starters.

Voilà la nuance.

En 2009, Trestman avait donné congé à des vétérans (Calvillo, Stewart, Wilson) et certains joueurs-clés (Cobourne, Taylor), mais pas à tous les partants. Par contre, je me souviens que les 42 joueurs de l'alignement ont été sur le terrain dans cette partie.

So it's a matter of numbers? Seems to me like the old joke about hookers -- we've already established what you are, now we're simply negotiating the price. What exactly is the magic number? How many all-stars or future Hall of Famers are teams allowed to sit out in games that are meaningless? I'd have liked to see Calvillo and Richardson and some other Montreal star players in the last game of 2009 -- but that was OK because there were only about half a dozen of them staying at home?

For the record, I said on the other forum that the Argos should rest all their key guys on offence, plus Mitchell and McCune, and that they should dress the secondary and the coverage linebackers since those positions are still unsettled. The coach has decided to sit out some of the guys I would have played -- he's paid to make those decisions, and he'll either benefit or suffer the consequences. But it doesn't mean I can't get excited about seeing a whole slew of new guys -- most of whom will be competing for spots next year, and a few of whom might play in two weeks -- in a game that means nothing.

Sitting so many guys might turn out to be right or it might turn out to be wrong, from a competitive standpoint -- we'll have a better idea in two weeks. But I can guarantee that all the fans you whose interest you are trying to defend would be livid if key players played and got injured and it caused the team to lose the Eastern Final. I have yet to see any true Argo fan complain about this. If you think that "casual" or "potential" fans will be turned off because they don't get to see 17 starters, about 14-15 of whom they could not even name, then I don't think you understand the Toronto marketplace.

Sorry but the Argos are disrespecting the game and the fans. Hufnagel in Calgary is in the same situation and he's playing Cornish and all his players and he's playing on the ROAD ! Season is 18 games. TV contracts are paid on 18 games, season tickets sold on 18 games, players are paid for 18 game seasons.

Je me range aux arguments de Vercheval, qui affirme que l'équipe doit prendre cette partie comme une occasion de valider des changements récents, de cimenter une certaine cohésion à l'attaque et d'insuffler une certaine confiance à l'équipe avec une bonne performance, gagne ou perd.

Smith, Sutton, Bowling et Dales sont des additions récentes à l'équipe et cette partie ne sera pas de trop pour que les joueurs apprennent davantage à jouer ensemble.

Et pour y arriver, les Alouettes devront donc faire jouer leurs partants à l'attaque et la plupart d'entre-eux à la défensive. Ce n'est pas comme si l'équipe avait passé la saison à bien performer dans toutes les phases du jeu comme en 2009. Les Alouettes ont passé par un carousel de quarts-arrières et de demis offensifs, et de même pour les retourneurs de bottés. C'est comme si l'équipe avait changé de personnel 4 fois durant la saison. Reposons ceux qui ont des bobos et ceux qu'on ne peut se permettre de perdre à cause d'une blessure (Cox, Bowman, Brown, Green), mais jouons pour aborder les éliminatoires avec une meilleure confiance.

Par ailleurs, il serait plus que temps que les joueurs fassent leur examen de conscience et réalisent qu'entre les deux dernières parties contre les Timinous, l'indiscipline et les revirements ont été des facteurs déterminants entre la victoire et la défaite. Ce sont des éléments qui ne pardonneront pas en éliminatoires.