Montréal @ Toronto

La dernière partie de cette décevante saison est à nos portes, et il serait agréable que les Alouettes profitent de ce que les Argonauts feront des auditions pour plusieurs joueurs pour mettre une dernière victoire au tableau, même si elle n'a aucune signification.

Abordant les éliminatoires sans Calvillo, il serait logique de confier la première demie à Smith. Je dirais même qu'en considérant ce qu'on a vu de son jeu en deuxième demie, c'est à se demander si ça ne devrait pas être une stratégie de ne lui confier que la première demie! :twisted: On pourrait donc voir Neiswander et Marsh en deuxième demie, si l'équipe semble avoir suffisamment d'avance.

Par ailleurs, comme l'équipe a encore de très nombreux points à perfectionner, outre Green, je vois mal qui devrait être laissé de côté chez les réguliers. Peut-être que Bowman, Ola, Cox, et Brouillette pourraient laisser leur place à d'autres. Considérant que Lavoie n'est de retour que depuis 2 parties, je le laisserais sur le terrain. Je garderais Sutton pour améliorer la complicité entre la ligne offensive et lui. On pourrait éventuellement donner du temps à Baillargeon et Matte.

Woods pourrait aussi prendre plus de jeux qu'Emry sans nécessairement que la défensive en soit énormément diminuée. En faisant la rotation avec Brouillette et un autre joueur, on pourrait donner une pause à Cox et Emry à un moment donné dans la partie.

Même si Toronto va laisser plusieurs partants de côté, je ne crois pas que les Alouettes auront la vie facile.

Quant à moi, j'ose espérer que les joueurs réguliers,dont Troy Smith,Chip Cox et S.J. Green, vont jouer toute la partie ou presque.


I would play my starting offense the whole game but I'd give the night off to Bowman,Cox,Emry,B Parker and Jerald Brown. these guys have played an insane amount of football this year.

Agreed. All are veteran players, some of them with a lot of miles (Parker, Brown, and Bowman). Bowman has been battling injuries this year, to boot. Play them for a quarter, maybe, and then rotate other guys in.

You can play the game to win without compromising the following week. Yet Trestman loved to rest his guys and we got caught sleeping the last two years. Jim is going the way of his mentor Don Matthews and just working through it. Hard to argue with Don's methods :cowboy:

That's a bit of a fallacious narrative you've constructed. In 2011, we were dressing inanimate carbon rods on defense because of all the injuries. We didn't lose because we rested guys in the final game of the season; we lost because our defense gave up something like 50 points in a playoff game.

In 2012, we were one dropped Bratton TD pass away from taking the eventual Grey Cup champions to OT and possibly an upset victory...

Like I wrote. I'd rest my veterans on defense and tell guys like Smith, Carter, Some guys like Whyte, Carter and Bowling I would tell them to consider this a tryout...

Rest veterans on defence? If you sit Bowman,Cox, Parker, Brown can you name the replacements? It’s not the preseason where as many as 65 or so players can dress. For the past 2 to 3 games, the Als dressed only 5 players on the defensive line; yes, Bear Woods the LB played as DE-when Banks ran for a 47 yard TD,it was on Woods side- but there are not too many options; Bowman could always sit and be replaced by Anwar Stewart.

So far, the only moves on the active roster have been the additions of NIP P Burke Dales and NIP DE Bo Adebayo; these players replaced NIP Ol Pascal Baillargeon-to disabled- and NIP WR Kyle Graves-to practice roster.I don’t expect other changes.


They still dress them as backups but you can give the snaps to Carter,Woods,Brouillette,Edem. etc...

Stewart is a great idea. Likely his last game... Why not :slight_smile:

This is different from the years when the Als finished first and had a week off between games.

CFL rosters limit them, but the Als should ensure players are ready for the semi-final, whether that means sitting out or fwer reps.

Good point. We don't have a bye week off, so it's important for veterans on D who have played a LOT of hard football this year to get a breather. As Richard says, we can't sit out players, but we can give most of the playing time to rotation guys and backups. So dress Cox, Bowman, and Billy Parker (the three guys who would benefit the most from the time off, IMO), play them for a quarter, and then start rotating in guys like Adebayo, Gainey, etc.

I too would love to see Anwar dress, this is almost certainly his last season in the CFL. Let him go out on a high note.

Whyte a tryout... if it were me he'd be watching Dales while trying to come up with his next excuse :wink:

Could not agree more on Anwar! Top that off with DesLauriers giving him back his #9 for the game !

Has nothing to do with this topic, but just to say that CFL practice rosters have to be reduced from a maximum of 14,including 4 NIPs, to a maximum of 9,including 4 Non-Imports in the current days. The Als have done so,based on their latest roster; I don't know if some of these players have been signed for next season; the CFL transactions will be a confirmation. The players no longer on Als practice roster are:

NIP G Anthony Barrette A surprise.
IMP OL Nic Purcell
IMP WR Roberto Wallace
IMP CB Mitchell White
IMP DE Tenarius Wright

IMP K Delbert Alvarado is amongst the 9 players currently on Als practice roster.


Richard you are probably aware that there have been 4 or 5 players recently released from the practice roster designated as "signed" even though not added to the main roster. I believe that means they have signed for 2014.

We will see if any of these latest 5 are designated as "signed".

Barrette is a surprise as they invested quite a bit of time in him. They are keeping Ryan White who I forget which reporter said was also working at DT.

And Josh Symons removed from the practice roster yesterday also a surprise. He even dressed for one game.

Yes and thank you idealsheldon.

As at October 29,2013 the players signed from the practice roster to next season are:

IMP DE Jerrell Harris
IMP DB Trevard Lindley
IMP DB B.J. Scott
IMP DE Collins Ukwu
IMP RB Johnny White

I was also surprised with the release of Josh Symons

Herb did write that NIP T Ryan White was also practicing as DT.

With the current players on rosters + injured players + players on practice roster + players signed for next season, the Als have presently 75 players signed,that we know of.


Did you call our friends to get a depth chart :smiley:

Not yet. I've decided to wait.



Argos players/starters out of tomorrow's game include:
IMP Chad Owens SB/KR
IMP LB Marcus Ball
IMP DB Neiko Thorpe
IMP WR Dontrelle Inman
IMP LB Demetrice Morley
IMP QB Ricky Ray
IMP CB Pat Watkins
IMP LB/DE Shane Horton
IMP DB/LB Ricardo Colclough
IMP K/P Swayze Waters
NIP SB Andre Durie
NIP RB Jeff Johnson
IMP LB Robert McCune
NIP Ol Chris Van Zeyl
NIP DL Cleyon Laing
IMP DT Khalif Mitchell

The Argos B team will definitely be on the field. This B team includes: NIP WR Ezra Millington, IMP SB/KR Trent Guy,IMP P/K Quinn Sharp,IMP DE Aaron Maybin. Many of the players added were on the practice roster; only 1 player remaining on their practice roster.-IMP Jarred Fayson-