Montreal @ Toronto

I picked Montreal, but I have zero confidence in the pick. I keep thinking: The Argos can't fall to 1-5, can they? That's a massive hole. Eventually Toronto has to get it together.

It's going to be another bad week, I can feel it. :lol:

Of course they can.... they (Blew team) were not as good as their record showed last year.. and this season proves it

Well, this is what happens when you don't update your roster in the off-season. :roll:

Can the Als stay out of the penalty box?


Rod and Duane, really? :?

What was AC doing when he ran onto the field? Does he always do that? :lol:

I hope Rod doesn't countdown AC's completions. :roll:

i felt the argos were a 4-win team that got lucky to have 9 wins last year.
i also thought that overacheiving team would fool jim barker to bring back the same group this season and the REAL argos would show up.

i was right. the argos suck and people are not buying tickets to this unexciting team.
heck, judging by the tv ratings, most people don't even watch them on tv. they are uninteresing

I missed it what was it?

gawd Black is friggen annoying... YES Rod we KNOW Cobourne is in Hamilton.. it is WEEK 5 after all!!

Too late. :lol:

TD Greene

Larks 7
bad ugly guys 0

Looked like he was thumping his chest and showing the peace sign. :lol:

Toronto should be embarrassed right now. They offered NO resistance on that drive. A group of girl scouts could've scored a TD. :roll:

hey, anyone know if Rod Black has a Twitter account?

God, I hope not.

Man MTL special teams are not so special!

I hope so,

cause then everyone can give him crap, tell him to stop torturing us.

Well TOR is getting no support at home, those seats ARE EMPTY.

Impressive first run by Kackert. Lemon looked good, surprisingly.

Well BigDave.. i don't think the spread in this game will be

Cleo Lemon orchestrated and successful FG drive!

would YOU pay $60-$80 to watch this team?
i had organized a group of friends to go to this, but then decided not to waste their money.

Those are RIDICULOUS :o prices! :thdn: