Montreal @ Toronto

A decent game so far. The Argos are slowly clawing their way back into it, thanks mostly to Owens. Loved seeing him hug Chip Cox. Some good sportsmanship. :thup: But man, when Owens gets you in the redzone, ya better score more than a FG. Come on, Lemon!

I better not be the only one watching. :lol: Another great return from Owens and a TD throw by Lemon. 17-16. We got a game here! :thup:

Lemon is probably going to be the main reason for toronto losing.

I don't know about that. He just threw his second TD tonight. It's 23-20 for the Argos.

Holy shiiiiiiite, how does Barker do this? Amazing game holy cripes!!!

My wife is in love with Chad Owens, not sure if that is good or bad. :?

This has been a pretty good game so far. But what's with Montreal taking so many stupid penalties this season? :expressionless:

Calvillo's doing nothing...again

This game is getting out of hand

McPherson couldn't do any worse

unbelievably biased call against Cox
2 weeks in a row

Lemon is showing steady improvement of late. He's definitely underrated, and if he doesn't turn the ball over in this game it'll be a important milestone for him, especially if the Argos win.

Well when AC was off his game last week, McPherson came in and did just that. . . worse.

Wow. Another TD and a fumble recovery. The Argos have been on fire the last 20 minutes. :thup:

Okay that was a terrible decision by Lemon that resulted in a turnover. If he had just taken the sack the Argos would have had three points.

Yeah. That was really bad. It's a shame because he was looking pretty good in this game. Hopefully the Argos D can step up.

Well, the defence let Montreal march it down, but when you've been on the field for over 30 minutes, what do you expect? At least they got a stop when it mattered. A FG's better than a TD.

Right...when they were 30 points down....good brilliant analysis madlack

Calvillo bonehead's another one in the redzone....genius

Hey at least he's thrown for a lot of yards...that's what's important after all

Dude, AC is 26 of 39 (66.6%) for 319 yards, 2 TDs, and no picks or fumbles. The Als are only down by a TD. What more do you want, man? :roll:

McPherson is all he wants.
Could you imagine if his lad Adrian had those numbers.
I’d just leave him be. One trick pony

Argos coaching staff - Coach of the Year I'd Say. :o

The Als aren't losing because of AC; the Als are losing because Toronto has made huge plays, particularly on special teams. Of course, now the game is tied. Gah. I picked Montreal to win, but I want Toronto win. A win tonight guarantees them at least a .500 season. I doubt anyone thought they'd be anywhere near .500 this season.

Whatever happens....
Good job by AC
Nice throw