Montreal-Toronto Oct. 18

Said it before and I'll say it again: get in Ray's face early with pressure and smack him. Hard. I don't care if you give up a couple of big plays early. Grind Ray on every pass play. Finish the hit (cleanly), hurry his throws, look for the sack, and stunt the hell out of that offensive line. He can't slice you up if he doesn't have time to look downfield, and if you hit him enough, he will start checking down and/or throwing the ball away.

If we sit back in zone and think we're going to force Ray into mistakes with four-man pressure, we are going to get killed. We don't have the horses at D-line to succeed at that tactic against a future Hall of Famer who has made a living of dicing defences when he's given time to find an open receiver. I want to see halfback blitzes, corner blitzes, zone blitzes, and delay blitz looks using a rotation of our linebackers. Ray is 35 years old and not the most physically robust QB on the planet. Every hit will add up and eventually pay dividends. And even if we give up a big play or even TD early, better to get our offence back on the field quickly to respond than make them sit on the bench during a lengthy Ray drive that ends in the same result (TD).


Offensively after setting up the run, Als have to attack their corners, Toronto's defensive backfield is a mess. If Crompton can shake them early, they will panic, make all kinds of adjustments and backoff with their front seven to allow the LB to help their defensive backs, the Als could take control of the clock.

1:43 pm and no depth chart on the team's website.

Agreed, and with Carter, Stafford, and London, we have the horses to burn them deep at wideout if they start cheating their LBs up to the LOS to stop the run.

Jack, you're surprised? :wink:

Its Troy Smith's fault :stuck_out_tongue:

The depth chart is available since 16 hours yesterday. Available with/under article Week 16 Pre-Game.


Monsieur Moufette sets up the table and talks TS.

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Higgins wake up!!!

Next player to take a penalty sits on the Bench!

Well, once again, not pretty but the D saved the bacon again and a W is a W is a W

At this point, the Als can at least take the field knowing they are going to be competitive and have a chance for the W That, at least, is a positive for the last 3 games

Nothing fancy, but something special is happenning with this team. Penaltys have to stop though really dumb ones also.

Offence was more effective early in the game, we ran the ball, Crompton finished with a 68% completion percentage, and we won time of possession by a slight margin. Fugly win but I'll take it...

Crompton played well in the first half but was brutal in the second half. He needs to be more consistent.

Absolutely, and that's on him. He seems to have a lot of trouble putting together a complete game. If he hadn't messed the bed in the second half, the game wouldn't even have been close.

Quick Couch Notes:

(Venable, Woods) + (Rainey, Rodgers)= BC
(JayCee - - - - > Dee Cee + Esss Jay = BC

Great Game Boys!

This was a well deserved win. The D controlled the Argos offense with Bear, Cox,Tisdale and others came up with good individual plays. The Als led through all 4 Qs although there were anxious moments in the latter 5 minutes of the game. However in the final Q Carter, Rodgers and Sutton came up with huge gains and, Rodgers had one great K return. Devon Carter took a 25 yard pass ans Sutton, ran for 23 yards, just what was needed at that critical time. Crompton passed with a 68% pass completion and, ran with success. This team has been on a very successful win streak and now deserve their place as a contender in the East.

Hopefully Knapton and Lavarias aren't too seriously injured. Bad luck to lose two starting D-linemen early in the same game. It also makes the D's performance all the more impressive...

Mike Edem too.

Doesn't matter as much since Thorpe loves Brouillette at safety. :roll:

In any case, I love John Bowman's response after the game.

Reporter: "What was the message coach Thorpe gave to you guys after players got injured?"
Bowman: "He said my old ass gotta play the whole game!"

:lol: Love that guy.

Fan train was a big success again. I never get tired of seeing the Als win in TO.

Seeing the impact boot TFC out of the playoffs was an added bonus.

I took a peek at the practice roster in the event that Knapton and Lavarias have to miss some time and it looks like again Popp has his team protected. There are some solid prospects on there that hopefully can help out.

99 Gilbert, David DE International 6.04 254 1991-10-31 Miami
50 Roberts, D.J DE International 6.01 250 1991-11-09 Tennessee-Martin
94 Grissom, Cory DT International 6.02 316 1990-06-09 South Florida
85 Jacobs, Damien DT International 6.03 284 1991-07-22 Florida