Montreal @ Toronto July 25

Kevin Glenn back practicing, but Bear Woods is not and has a brace on his leg as per Didier. I guess a Woods injury is just inevitable.

I`m afraid we have to just keep riding Glenn as much as we can.

Cato is a feel good story and we all would like him to succeed, but his performance Friday was disappointing. His throw on a bubble screen to Cunningham and fly ball to Carter were Crompton like. And what was he thinking twice running out of bounds for losses instead of throwing the ball away? These have nothing to do with coaching or A.C. `s poor game plan. Do we continue to give him a shot? Absolutely. But with a shorter leash.

And I expected more from Adams also who looked like a dear in a headlight. Still don`t understand why Popp gave up a No. 1 pick when he should be finding QBs like Adams on his own.

And yet Sat. we saw Mitchell Gale come in cold for Durant and fire off precision passes. A guy who was sitting at home after the Argos cut him before he signed with Sask.

Our offence and probably season will come down to how Glenn performs.

I'm giving Cato the benefit of the doubt. He didn't play well, yes, but I'm hoping that was just nerves and some questionable decision-making under pressure. We know he can make all the throws -- we've seen it! So it's on him and the coaches to work on his game so that he performs better the next time he's called upon to start.

The other alternative, which is one we're unfortunately all too familiar with in recent years, is that the coaches are actively making him worse the more they work with him. I really hope that's not the case.

Vercheval with a customarily excellent postmortem on the loss and how to move forward: ... -1.3474229
Lorsqu’on constate à quel point tout avait l’air d’aller trop vite pour les Alouettes vendredi, c’est à se demander si le degré d’intensité des séances d’entraînement (bien qu’il sera toujours quelques coches en-dessous des matchs) est trop faible.

À l’époque où il menait la barque, Marc Trestman avait l’habitude de mener des entraînements se rapprochant des situations de partie, durant lesquels tout se déroulait pratiquement à fond de terrain.

Est-ce qu’une partie de la solution pour Popp et les Alouettes réside dans une augmentation de l’intensité lors des pratiques? La question mérite d’être posée.[/i]

And also:
Sans vouloir m’acharner sur Popp et ses adjoints, je dois admettre que j’aurais aimé entendre les entraîneurs mentionner qu’ils n’avaient pas, eux non plus, été à la hauteur face aux Ti-Cats. L’opportunité était tout désignée d’avouer que nos rivaux avaient absolument tout mieux fait que nous, sur le terrain comme sur les lignes de côté, et d’enchaîner en martelant que c’est ensemble qu’il importe de trouver des solutions.

Si tu demandes à tes joueurs d’arriver prêts à exécuter, il faut que tu montres l’exemple en étant toi aussi irréprochable en tant qu’entraîneur-chef, notamment en connaissant ta matière sur le bout de tes doigts. [/i]

:thup: :thup:

Argos traded Gale to Sask, actually. But he was a free agent before re-signing with Toronto late in preseason.

Thanks for the correction. And the Argos still have Kilgore and Fajardo who they rated higher than Gale.

We all know about Popp the Head Coach, but his biggest failure as a GM has been his inability to bring in quality young QBs.

So how long would you give Cato should he get another chance to start?

Well, it's a bit moot, since Glenn is practicing again and there is very little chance of seeing Cato after the debacle last week. But if Glenn gets injured, we have no choice but to be patient with Cato. Adams is nowhere near CFL-ready and Bridge is just not that good.

What we need to remember is that Glenn also looked pretty damn poor in the Ottawa loss, and he is a veteran QB who sits 8th on the all-time passing chart. So is the issue the quarterback, or a young O-line that needs time to gel and a young OC who has to learn how to call consistently good games?

In short, the next time Cato starts, I'd play him the whole game. Doesn't matter how he does.

From Jonathan Guay: Jim Popp says Kevin Glenn will start against the Argos.

From Herb Zurkowsky: Bear Woods' injury is not serious and is expected to play in Toronto.


-Als are ranked 9th in points per game.
-Argos are ranked 9th in net offensive yards per game.
-Argos are ranked 9th in average number of offensive plays from scrimmage.
-Als are ranked 9th in yards per play.
-Argos are ranked 9th in first downs per game.
-Argos are ranked 9th in rushing yards per game.
-Als are ranked 9th in average yards per pass.
-Als are ranked 8th in passing yards per game.
-Argos are ranked 9th in passing yards per game.


-Als are ranked 9th in rushing yards per game.
-Als are ranked 9th in yards per pass.
-Argos are ranked 8th in passing completion.
-Als are ranked 9th in passing completion.


Als are ranked 1st in delay of game penalties based on incorrect challenges.


From Herb Zurkowsky:

Glenn, suffering from inflammation in his left eye, at least practised on Monday, although he split reps with Rakeem Cato and was reluctant to state he’ll definitely play next week.

[url=] ... -vs-ticats[/url]

Article also mentioned that the team talked to Duron Carter concerning the "bland" comment he made after the Hamilton game. On a related note on "Als This Week", there was talk that Carter had "checked out" of a few plays during the last game because he was frustrated with the offense.

Yet there was this:

Rick Moffat ?@RickMoffat Jul 15
Great observation from #Alouettes sideline by @joeyalfieri hearing @criscarter80 "coaching up" the receiver corps 4th Q. #CFL

Not sure if we should laugh or cry.

Duron Carter's frustration might have been the reason for Cris Carter's meeting with the receivers. Supposedly at the end of the game, Duron put a much better effort.

You sure the pass to Carter was not exactly as designed?

I agree with dicipline on giving cato the benefit of the doubt. I rewatched the game and clocked the time the o line gave him. It was fn horrible . On averge he had less than 3 second to go threw reads an get rid of the ball. One or two more seconds as little as it seems makes a huge difference. It was worse when adams was in.

This is insane. If we need the father of one of our receivers to come in and coach up the receivers, something is terribly wrong with our football ops. We already have a receivers coach (Chapdelaine). Why do we need Cris Carter on the sidelines? Popp is losing it if he thinks this is appropriate or professional.

Im still cranky from the teams performance, but you could be right that the pass was intended for Carter to win a contested catch against a shorter defender.

Little league crap! :roll:

We might see Duron Carter`s girlfriend on the sidelines working with A.C. and Chapdelaine.

A.C. pretty upfront in an interview this afternoon with Melnick. Touches on having to make the offense a little less complicated, the Lewis and Carter comments, and his feelings on the o-line changes.

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