Montreal-Toronto Game

I nominate Ben Cahoon for SPECIAL TEAMS player of the week! :lol:

Im gonna ask anybody that cares to reply . Does Hamilton have anybody that could of made the catch that Bruce made ??

That was a pass that was thrown with a wing and a prayer and guess what ??? It worked !!! Jason Maas has nobody that would work that hard to make a catch and that`s the difference between our offence and everybody elses !!!!

He gets my vote as well as long as Holmes or Walker doesn't get a return for a TD tomorrow or maybe some trick play from Setta.

If none of that happens then Cahoon gets my vote

...which turned out being the game-winner!

Who would have predicted that Cahoon would be the one who wins it for Montreal... by kicking the game-winning field goal?!

Well, I was thinking with that crossover rule, it may be preferable for the Ticats in be in 2nd place rather than third. I was actually thinking before this game that the best way for it to end for the Ticats would be for these two teams to tie each other. And that almost happened.

But with the blue team now having a 2-4 record, if the Ticats win tomorrow, then they'll just be two points behind the blue team. It is good to see the Ticats have a chance of moving ahead of them in the standings.

Im waiting for an answer !!!

Flick made one like that a couple weeks ago.... im kidding dude :slight_smile:

This was a fun game to watch.

Crash your such a dreamer, it makes me laugh . There are only maybe 7 recievers that could make that catch and guess what ?? Not one of them plays for the Tiger Cats . He made a 3rd string QB look like a star , Our starter doesnt have that luxury !!!

As painful as it was to watch, it sure as hell was entertaining. It looks like AC is back and when Chu returns to solidify the O-line, the Als will be fine which is bad news for the rest of the East.

An Argo-Cat fan

No they don't. It seems every team has one standout reciever except the Cats. Cahoon on the other side tonight too. Man that guy is great!!

An Argo-Cat fan

I would say Curry and Bauman have shown that they fight for the ball. Curry especially. Did you see Curry's 39 yard catch in Calgary? It was top flight category. Curry is my fav so far. He really goes and gets it.

Plus Curry's TD catch in the 1st pre-season game was total clutch. He went over the DB and fought him for the ball all the way to the turf.

The lack of a go-to receiver for any Ticat quarterback to throw it to is an issue that has been brought up quite a few times here. Butler certainly was not good, being 8-20 for 154 yards, and four interceptions. But his numbers would have been worse if he were still a Ticat and had to enter a similar situation.

And as for Cahoon, it initially looked like he'd be considered the "hero" by making catches to get the Als into the shorter field goal range they had. Instead, he gets that title by kicking the game winning field goal.

Bruce is very good. Butler was extremely lucky.

To say Butler got them into the endzone is as wrong as blaming Maas for not getting us there.

Bauman could be a special player but with only one game under his belt he still has alot to prove. Hope he plays like last week, he could turn out to be our clutch receiver.

Butler got them in the endzone. That's what counts. I think our former 4th string managed his team to more TDs in one game than Maas has in 5 games. Can you imagine what he'll do with more than a week of practising with the team. By the time the Cats play the Argos, he'll have the tools and something to prove. We'll still be looking for our fourth offensive TD.
I hope I'm not right but these things have a way of coming back and biting you. Seems two Hamilton QB castoffs played major roles in helping their teams last night - Butler and Brady.
Oh well we've still got our man Jason- no worries.

In fairness, we never tried Brady as a punter. He was more effective at that last night than he ever was as pivot for us. As for Butler, it was really the missed field goal return that got them back in the game. He likely still would be here as third or 4th string, if he didn't ask for his release. He's much the same in Toronto, but injuries gave him a chance.

Obviously there is no player up to now who has made a circus catch.

I'm just wondering what is the point of your post?
It seems very childish.

Butler: 8 for 20, 168 yards, 4 INT


Jake the Snake CAN call other teams for holding, roughing, etc.

He called more holding penalties against the Als in the 1st quarter than the whole game here (especially the non-call on Mudge here leading to the go-ahead Als TD... and I realize Als had a make-shift O-line last night).

I wonder how the Argos and Als feel about the officiating today with questionable calls going both ways (especially the Duval debacle)? :slight_smile: