Montreal-Toronto Game

Another pathetic display of officating. Duval gets punched and facemasked with no call! The officals are horrible this year.

If Duval made that field goal, and was not just slightly off, it would be 29-10 rather than 26-16. The blue team needed the two point convert, but were not likely to get it with Butler at quarterback.

And Duval got himself ejected, and it was said Cahoon or Brady might take his place.

And after the pick from Calvillo, blue team gets field goal to make it 26-19. 5:37 left.

Both teams certainly are looking sloppy and I am glad the Ticats are in the same division as these two teams right now. As Kirk mentioned earlier, it may not take a lot to move ahead of these teams.

Nice punt by Brady! (Anyone going to asked how he did not take Boreham's place when he was a Ticat?)

Forgetwhat I said about a blowout. This is one weird game!

Man Rocky is looking like 4th String QB
we had him Peg as

4 picks by Rocky WOW!!!

damn Jake Ireland has had enough camera time

And blue team gets touchdown and ties it. Montreal has possession at their 25 with about 1:19 left.

Montreal must wish Duval had not got himself ejected.

lets hear predictions for final tonight. I say Toronto pulls it out.

Complete turnaround! Now atie. I can't figure these teams out.

There's no consistency. It looks like Popp is being outcoached in the second half.

…looks like Rocky just helped tied the game…irronically with all those pic’s he’s brought his team back and can actually score in the red zone…There’s always tomorrow to see if Jason has it in him …yet?


I can't stand the cheap calls on roughing the QB... even if they do go against the Argos. Yeah- he slid. But yeah- no intent to injure.

Can Cahoon do it?

Not if Brady punts it...

Brady punts it too short, Prefontaine kicks it back out, and the game goes into OT. The game just seems to keep getting weirder.

And with the OT format, I'm sure the Als must really miss Duval now.

Edge to Argos now with Prefontaine kicking

cahoon is good

I wanna go to bed. Stop the insanity!

These two teams have 2-3 records, and so will continue to be tied if they tie. That'll make it easier for the Ticats to bypass these two teams in standings if this ends in a tie.

And Cahoon gets field goal.

I'd say it's better for 'Cats to try to pass a 2-3 team than two 2-2-1 teams.

argos have some injury issues