Montreal-Toronto Game

Anybody else watching?
I just got into the house. Allen injured and Butler just put in. Worth a watch.

2 minutes 'til half. Montreal up 9-3.

Yeah and the baby blue team did not get one single first down in the first quarter under the leadership of Allen.

Coincidence on the injury??? Hmmmmmm. Makes me wonder.

Im watching...


lol this game is about as interesting as the Ticats getting a beatdown.

And O'Shea is being his usual cheap shot self.


And O’Shame’s 15 yard penalty moved the blue team back 15 yards, making it easier for the Als to get that TD on their possession after the pick.

And I saw the play where Allen got injured. It was actually a QB draw play. And after seeing him try to gain rushing yards, I’d say he’s no longer can be considered “ageless.”

Anyway, it’s 19-3 at the half. If you like to see the blue team on the wrong side of a one-sided loss, I suggest tuning into TSN now. :slight_smile:

SO now the Argos have to choose between Butler and McMahon.

This could be a real blowout for the Als before it's through.

Did you see the first half stats!?

Montreal 22 minutes possession
Toronto 8

Montreal 245 yards
Toronto 45


well see what butler can do, pinball says allen won't return

WRONG SIDE??? When it comes to the baby blue team, the short side of the score board is the perfect place for them.

looks like this game is a feisty affair

TD Blue

Ok, this could be a good game to watch if you prefer seeing the blue team on the short side of a one-sided loss. And for us, the right side.

And yes, they got a TD, they may have doubled their net yardage on that. Then TSN just displayed they 64 yards on that drive, 45 in the first half. Butler made two good plays there on the drive. But whether or not Butler can keep it up is a different story.

Butler find Mookie for a big gain

Butler is 4-6 for 83 yards in the third quarter. It seems that every time the blue team puts a different quarterback in the game, they immediately improve.

And I think it was Glen Suitor who asked what Butler might have been told at the half. Maybe he was reminded his CFL career was on the line. I don't know how many more chances he'll get.

But is is still 19-10, and it will likely now turn out being the kind of low-scoring game that can be expected from games the blue team plays in.

Now that INT is what I thought we might see from Butler!

With a bit of fine tuning, Hamilton should be able to kcik both of their assses.

They both look bad.

You can go back under your bridge now Troll Boy.

lol At Rocky.
3rd interception in a row on 3 passes.

2 ejections, uh oh, no more duval