Montreal to Sign Another Former College Standout WR

According to reports coming out of the Montreal,
the Als have signed former Florida State standout receiver and first round pick (4th overall) Peter Warrick. This guy was an all purpose threat and was especially dangerous as a kick/punt returner. If he still has similar speed, it could be interesting to see what he could do on a CFL field. Here he is at the 2000 National Championship game where he scored 3 TD's and was named MVP.

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BTW, can anyone spot the other CFL player who can be seen on that highlight package?

I remeber Warrick when he was with the Bengals and Seahawks. Didn't do much in the NFL but could be good in the CFL.

Who's the other CFL'er? I heard Weinke, who i know was with the Panthers for a while but i don't think he was in the CFL. OR was he?

I see Tay Cody gave him a hug after one of the big plays.

  • paul

Didn't do too much in NFL? Rookie season: 51 rec. and 592 yds, 2001 70 and 667, 2002 53 and 606 and 2003 79 and 819. Cin. and Seattle 275 rec. and 2,991 yds. and 18t. Ran 53 times for 360yds and 2 tds.

With Cin. he was not with a great team,yet he had more than 50 rec. in each of the 4 years he was there.

A player with no off-field problems. He's been signed for more than 2 weeks.

With his experience, he would command a salary of close to $1 million in the NFL-collective agreement-;since he will be 31 on June 19, NFL teams are reluctant to sign such a player.

A great addition for the Als.

I say he lasts until week 7 lol

I think me meant that he didn't do much in the NFL considering he was taken 4th overall in the draft after a very high profile and accomplished NCAA career.

No matter which way you cut it, he was still a bust in the NFL. He didn't get his Kijana Carter or Charles Rogers on, but he was close.

Considering his age, I will be nice and give him until Labour Day before he hits the waiver wire.

  • paul

I say he does well all year.Except against the Riders where Omar Morgan and James Johnson will be all over him.

So which CFL players were not a "bust" in the NFL?

Never heard of the guy.

Warren Moon?

  • paul

Great points. And I agree, it's a good pickup.

I knew his name, but didn't really know much about him. 50 recceptions in 4 consecutive seasons with Cincinnati? That's pretty good, concidering the Bengals have one of the best receivers in the NFL, Chad Johnson.

Unlike last year, I think Montreal's receivers will be strong.

Jeff Garcia?

That D-lineman from Edmonton now in Cincy.

Jon Ryan.

Joe Theismann.

Raghib Ismael.