Montreal Thursday

The Als looked good last night, ... tough in the second half ,maaan. Do we have a chance to maybe steal a victory Thursday night?

There’s always a chance.

With the Bomber blow out and the win against Hamilton, they just might be over confident and might even be looking ahead.

Thats true ... really hope thats the case.. 2-4 sounds alot better than 1-5.

well not a whole lot better......but better

I think we have a great chance, mainly because our defence seems to be improving each and every game, if we can juz get some imagination int he plays and capitalize in key points, i think we can take it!

P.S. Who knows when the latest date is u can sign up for the train 2 montreal, and who knows the times of it (departure from hamilton, and arrival back in hamilton after the game)

Why in the name of all that is good are we being forced to play Montreal three times in the first 6 games of the season?

The good news: unlike some other teams, we played well against Montreal and didn't get blown out. Plus, with these Montreal games out of the way, the Cats have a chance to run off a lot more wins in the second half of the season than other teams.

I detest Montreal more than I do Hamilton but I'd have to say that the Cats' chances at Percival this Thursday are slim and none. The Als' D is in fine form--did you see the fits they gave Winnipeg, even knocking out 2 starting linemen. Calvillo is well, Calvillo and he's got a strong line to play behind led by Chu, a bunch of excellent receivers led by Cahoon plus Edwards to run the ball. And the kicking game is solid to boot (no pun intended).

I'd love to see a Hamilton win but it'd be a huge upset if they did.

An Argo fan

If I didn't think so, what kind of fan would i be? 8)

The East is a total crapshoot right now.


Winnipeg beat Toronto twice and everyone said "Winnipeg is for real."

Montreal BARELY beats Hamilton and Montreal is on a roll.

Montreal blows out Winnipeg, but Hamilton almost beat Montreal.

All this tells me is that all 4 teams in the East are there and capable with the edge going to Montreal and Winnipeg right now.

Montreal's 5-0 start by no means is commanding.

Well maybe not, but nor is it unearned.

We're going to have to play really well to have a shot at beating them. -And- we'll need a 14 lead at the half to manage the fact that the Als are a brilliant second half team.

But the CFL is full of surprises, so we'll just have to watch, and knock on wood, and avoid black cats and ladders, and keep our fingers crossed, and find some four-leaf clovers, and wish upon a star, and...


That's for sure. And it doesn't even exist (the 5-0 start).

They're only 4-0 at this point.

oops :oops:

I am looking forward to Going to Montreal.

In any sport you have to look at your play. Right now the Ticats are building a new offense and have a new coach. The only thing they can control is their play. Looking at who the opponent is or their record is meaningless.

Last week the got the monkey off their back, now they can focus on fixing their running game. The only thing montreal will give you is the short passes 5 to 8 yards from the line. Cats will have to execute consistently on first downs to get montreal to back off on second down.

They will be 5-0 after Thursday.

Of course, there's a chance Tabbies could win.

Just as there's a chance I could ....

Never mind. I don't kick teams when they're down --- unless like certain teams' fans they get too cocky prewdicting GC appearance etc. Then they play Als and get smoked but blame it on refs etc.

Just promise me after Thurs night game, you won't be like that. :wink:

hopefully the argos loose and then we both woud be 1-4.. that means the argos r as bad as us! yay! lol.. we better win or else we r screwed for play off hopes.. or r we already?

Absolutely! Ti-Cats can steal one and I'm going to predict that they will. Maas will be the big impact player who will lead the team to victory and shut some of his critics up. (For now).

I hope for his sake he does, cause if not, the criticism will be over the top this time

Montreal again ?

Three times in six games we play Als?

Who made this schedule?

Fire them!!!

I think we can steal it too,but doubt Montreal will allow that,they’re well coached with a veteran QB.

Don Mathews keeps on entertaining with his inovative plays.

If this offence finally clicks inside the 10 we can beat the Als. Should have beat them the last time. We should be 3 and 2 at this point. Hopefully, the same refs that officiated the Als- Bombers game don't ref this one. Als got away with alot of cheap shots against Bombers + a bad instant replay call in their favour.