Montreal throw the game

Thanks Montreal for throwing the game. :twisted: They planed to loss today, just look at the lack of tackling and letting big plays get by them over and over again, I bet the coach told them to lose and make it look your trying to come back to win.

Montreal did this so they would play Edm. or Wpg. in the playoffs. Theyre scared of playing the Cats because they know we can beat them at thier home field. We should of won the game last week in Montreal and they know that.They know we are the stronger team then Edm. and Wpg.
I can bet Winnipeg will WIN in Montreal next week.

So that means we must win our last two games. :smiley: Go Cats Go

No such thing as a thrown game. Calvillo had a sore leg so why play him.

It doesn't matter if Winnipeg loses next week and the Ticats win at home against Sask. It will still come down to the final game in Winnipeg.

Even my spouse (a diehard Argo fan, poor soul) said he thought Montreal was throwing the game, and he NEVER says anything like that. I was giving them the benefit of the doubt til the Winnipeg player ran through the whole team for a touchdown as Montreal waved their arms at him....oh, oh, missed, goshdarnit! (was that good enough coach? It was SO obvious! A team like Montreal just doesn't play that badly, not the whole team! That's when I turned the game off.

more conspiracies? really it was montreals practice roster...they did not throw the game get over yourselves this is just sad LOL

Montreal did not throw the game in the sense that they did not purposely lose. They did however "take it easy", they used this game as a tune-up for backups and trying out new plays. This was an exhibition game for Montreal. So they were playing to win, just not playing their best players and best plays to win.

Ridiculous. We are 3-0 against the cats, need I say more.

Quite possibly the stupidest thread I've ever been in.


Don't be ridiculous. What a waste of a thread.
It was a nothing game for Montreal and a good chance to see what some of their bench guys could do.
Instead of should be starting a thread about how Winnipeg could be a huge problem for us if they keep playing like they played yesterday.

You do realise that if the season ended today....There would be no-crossover. Edmonton would miss the playoffs.

If Montreal wanted to play the Esks in the Eastern final. They would have had to have beaten Wpg yesterday, and hope that you lose in the semi.

They will take there turn in the basement very shortly if they have to depend on that pylon McPherson how did we ever lose to this bozzo.No conspiracy theory

…and I swear I saw Don Matthews on the grassy knoll outside CanadInns Stadium!


Ha if I was Montreal, I would rather face Hamilton than Winnipeg right now. You know what you got with Hamilton, a hot Bishop can beat any team any time.

But the team you play in regular season will not be the team they or we or anyone else faces in the playoffs or Grey Cup ..
So all the lame theroys go right out the window ...

Montreal is just doing what they do every year, letting up after locking up first. A month of slacking before finals and Grey Cup will cost them big time, you'd think they'd have learned by now that if you let up like this it will cause massive problems when they try to get it back. You want to be on a high and peeking at this time not on an emotional low, Estelle and the rest of their db's looks like they're sleep walking out there.

The thing is Bishop wasn't even hot, he was missing a lot of wideopen receivers, over threw a couple guys badly, missed Ralph on TD. If Bishop was more accurate he possibly could have challenged Dunnigans single game passing record.

Very true Drexl.

I hope Bishop has another great game next week because there is no way in hell he could possibly have three good games in a row by the time he faces Hamilton.

IS this serous!? They in NO WAY threw the game, unless you mean by benching A.C, and missing 1/3 of there D, and the better 1/3 of them! This was by no means a thrown game, Peg just had a solid game. Overall We played better on O then Peg did! Its just there DB's could shut down MTLS WR, and AC wasn't in the game the whole game! Plus,im sure Peg had some spies dressed up in Al's Jersey's writing down every play they did for M.P

No AC+ backups+ pumped up Bombers= Loss ..... A thrown game no way :roll:

You're acting like we rested our starters on purpose.

Calvillo and Sanchez had hamstring injuries. Emry has concussion-related symptoms. Wilson left the game early with what looks like a serious knee injury. Ferri was unable to practice because of a stomach virus. These were legitimate injuries to key starters on both sides of the ball (QB, shutdown corner, MLB, OLB, DT).

We got soundly beaten by a desperate team with a rabid defense.