Montreal Teams Will Miss the Dome.

With the state of Stade Olympic in flux with a safe roof their will be two clubs that may miss that advantage.
First of course the Als regular season games are much better at McGill but the playoff games at Olympic and 50K plus also was a big advantage missed.
Come next around next March the Impact have qualified for the Concacaf Champions league. The last time they hosted a Champions league game again 50K plus were in attendance and the climate inside was a bit more pleasing.
The Als also for now will be unable to host a Grey Cup game in which from last time they hosted to this time the profits and assured sellouts have become some major profitable. The CFL as well attempted to break the record for Grey Cup attendance last time there and came up a bit short. Again from then to now the Grey Cup sells itself and likely would be a major cue for Montreal to be the city that breaks the record.

Public funds will not be used obviously. A new partnership with Impact and Quebecor's new Sports Network TVA as their regional broadcast partner. Along with Quebecor now also involved in the business of managing sports venues could be a case where there could be some movement.
Saputo knows the potential of hosting not only some big impact matches at a larger venue but also the International tour that comes through North America.

Not so sure, they lost the last two playoff games they played there under Trestman 2011,2012. Frankly I'd rather not play against Ray or Collaros in a warm dome. Hamilton has no running game and Medlock's kicking has been terrible. It is an advantage to play in the cold November air when you have a dominant defense and a good running game.

I agree with Hfx. Olympic Stadium hasn't been an advantage to us the past few years. There are rumours floating around that if the Expos relocate from Tampa, the big O will be their home until a new stadium can be built...

With the dollar heading back down to 80 cents, whoever owns these "Expos" better have deep, deep pockets.

By Quebecor you mean PKP? No, no, please. No.

You have a point there. Even though the last two playoff games were lost it was still Montreal and the AC lead offense who had an advantage as well in the nice warm confines of Stade Olympic. As good as white has been kicking this season still would likely fair much better in warm elements with an extra 25K plus to boot. A stage that could likely turned into a nice patio type area VIP section would be favorable to the owner.
I know this is a CFL thread but the Impact would prefer a home CCL match and a large say 60K crowd. Not to mention finding some good opponents willing to come to Montreal for a warm up friendly before entering the the final CCL round.

I would love to see the Expos Back! Until then it is the Jays and Exhibition series. Would be nice if they could come a week early and plan the end of spring with a series. Whether it be the Washington Nat's or the Kansas City Royals or even a AAA Syracuse Chiefs wearing throw back Expos or Montreal Royals Jerseys.
Team Canada hosting its pool in the next World baseball Classic in Montreal would be a much bigger success than in Rogers Centre with the much hungry baseball fans in Montreal looking to see some major league baseball players.

New players in Quebec, Quebecor and TVA may be the new key.

Sorry ima a dreamer but I do know what would be great for sports and major events in Montreal would be great!

With a venue in place, the Bell Centre, Montreal has a far better chance of seeing an NBA team than a MLB one. At some point I believe Molson will get involved, similar to MLSE with the Leafs and Raptors.

And Saputo`s priority now is his Bologna soccer team.

Im not sure NBA is a fit for Montreal but you never know. MLB is just not feasible at this point for many reasons which really have nothing to do at this point with the sports fans in Montreal.
Having Molson getting involved with Stade Olympic would be fantastic and of course a retractable roof would mean a good chance for the first New Years Day NHL classic held in Canada minus the Leafs and MLSE but the Habs, Molson and likely a Boston Bruins match up!
Taking the roof off and playing that game there may be enough in itself to put in a new roof that will last.

But back to the CFL a playoff game a the already home field advantage of a 24K filled Stade Percival Molson will be one not to miss!

They will do the same thing they do in Toronto: Force tickets down the throat of hockey season ticket holders.

La dernière demi-finale de l'Est a vendu 35 000 billets.

Pour la différence que ça fait, autant jouer au stade Percival-Molson. Je suis certain que les coûts d'une partie supplémentaire au Stade Olympique ne compensent pas la différence entre 35 000 et 23 500 billets vendus.

Lorsque le Stade Olympique sera prêt et que les Alouettes auront une saison à tout casser comme en 2009 ou en 2010, il sera toujours temps d'y revenir. Mais d'ici là, le nombre d'irréductibles n'est toujours pas suffisant pour que l'aventure en vaille coût.

Also since they don't practice there, never play there is it really a home field advantage or a neutral game where fans of Hamilton or toronto can show up by the thousands?

I like Molson and its aluminum bleachers :slight_smile: and sold out capacity with Als fans.

But the Als still have to finish, they need two more wins to make this happen and at least one more to get the semi.

I dont know how it worked for the decade that they packed them in for for playoff games there but they did pretty well. I know in recent years I remember seeing the Als practicing there at least when there was a lot of coverage around the playoff weeks and went on to many Grey Cups.

Once again, you really mean PKP, do you not? Please, please, I am begging you. Just no...

Are you saying that the Big Owe is unavailable if/should the Als have a home date for the playoffs? I believe the Impact also have a game scheduled in February or March.

I guess if Molson were to add an NBA team they could jam tickets down the throats.
As for Impact fans and some big soccer matches that was not the case nor was the home Als playoff games.
Blue Jays final two spring training games also were Montreal Baseball fans out in full force.
All Montreal sports fans all excited to go to Sporting events in Montreal. Suspect that NHL Montreal New Years days game there would be no arms being twisted.
I am trying not to tag Montreal with the Rogers/MLSE Toronto situation.

To be fair to the Molson family and the Canadians I guess they could have their AHL or own Junior Hockey team play out of Bell Centre to fill dates and force fans to buy tickets but they do not. The Bulldogs have been the Montreal AHL affiliate since 2002 and the Oilers before that and are one of the longest running AHL franchises.

Come Winter, Big Owe's availability is subject to the Fire Department's approval as the roof is deemed to be not safe enough when there is snow. Makes one wonder why bother putting the roof up there if it can not hold the snow.

As for NBA, Montreal will have its NBA team when the researchers at McGill succeed to implant wings to pigs. Montrealers and Quebecers do not have appetite for basketball. One or two exhibition games, maybe. But 41 games a season? Not a chance. Case in point, Montreal-born Joel Anthony of now Detroit Pistons. He won two NBA Championships in 2012 and 2013 with Miami Heat. Yet, there was no buzz at all about his winning the Championship, on both occasions. Not even a mention on CTV, Compare that with the heroes' welcome Corey Crawford, Marc-Andre Fleury, Patrice Bergeron received when they won their Stanley Cups.

I expect the chances of success lie more firmly in genetic research than implants. :wink:

You have a point about Mtl. being an event town and the long NBA schedule. But unlike baseball we already have a venue, there are basketball fans in the city, and I wouldnt underestimate Molsons involvement should he so choose.

But on the other hand I`m getting tired of those damn chicken wings and would look forward to far more succulent pigs wings.

That is the issue the current roof cannot hold snow safely. To answer the other question it puts the Impact in a big bind being in the CCL which will be in late Feb or early March. Not to mention that game should draw big.
Also the Als playoff games at McGill would be just fine but without a new roof that can hold the snow they will not be able to host a Grey Cup.
Taking the roof off for now may be the best situation.
From there there could be enough events that would enable the $$$ to be put in place to put on the roof that will hold.
Last I had heard a hard shell roof is in the price range of 50 million. Weather that is true or not I do not know.
You would be very surprised how much the city and the stadium would be filled for a Concacaf Gold Cup. If Montreal were able to host the team Canada pool with the Mexican National team in that pool. Mexican fans travel big time. If they can add the knock out round semis and finals both Mexico and the US will almost assured to be in the semi’s with a great chance that both or at least one in the final which would sell out easily during June