Montreal signs McMaster QB Kyle Quinlan

From a strict rules standpoint Quinlan would be considered a free agent. However there is supposed to be a gentleman`s agreement that another team would not attempt to sign Quinlan.

A few years ago the Als broke that agreement by signing Mike Giffin away from Hamilton, and I believe Hamilton later did a similar thing to B.C. - can`t recall the player, I think an o-lineman.

It would certainly make sense for teams being allowed to protect players returning to school.

I for one would really like to see Quinlan get a legitimate shot at QB, although I`m probably naive in thinking he can succeed.

I believe he was signed strictly as a QB, he is not really needed at another position. I also believe Trestman would not have signed off on this if he hadn`t seen something positive on film.

It is really going to be up to Quinlan to make an early positive first impression. If he does, I think Trestman will take the time to develop him. CFL practice rosters are supposed to go to 10 this year. The question becomes can he learn more there, or is he better off returning to McMaster for his last year?

I didn’t say he’d be playing with us as a fullback. I’m just saying I see fullback as being the position where he can stick in the league.

Moe Khan of TSN 990 reporting Als about to sign Acadia QB Kyle Graves who is also a punter.