Montreal signs McMaster QB Kyle Quinlan

Nice to see.

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Love this news! Hope he can get a legitimate shot, although it might be tough with only 2 pre-season games. But he can always return to McMaster and come back to the Als next year to continue his development.

Hard not to be a fan after the Vanier Cup. And we`re snatching him from under the noses of the Tiger-Cats.

His agent says this is a legitimate shot. It really comes down to how he fits in. Coach Trestman loves teaching young QB. This is an unusual challenge and he loves challenges. I don't see him beating out Ricky Santos but I could see him staying on the practice roster or going back to school. There is a lot to like about him. I just can imagine what is going through his mind knowing he's going to camp with Calvillo, McPherson,Santos and coach Trestman and Brady... LOL !

Me and my dad were at the Vanier. The first half of that game looked like Trestman's west coast offence. He'd be a shoe-in for sure.

I like him and if Adrian is the starter next year, Quinlan might be a good fit as a backup...

This really could be AC's last year eh? man, I never thought I'd see the day. Best to appreciate each game to its fullest this year. Glad the records are done and over with. Now he can relax a bit and have some fun.

Cool signing but realistically they'll probably convert him to another position if he sticks around. Don't see him coming even remotely close to displacing Santos as the number 3 quarterback.

But you could look at it this way. Quinlan is a 23 year old CIS QB. Wheedon is 28 years old. What if you take a guy like Quinlan and you give him 3 or 4 years ? I don’t know what you get ? It would be really cool to find out…

That does make sense. Like Mathieu Bertrand and Marc-Olivier Brouillette before him.

Exactement. À 6'2" et 215 lbs, Quinlan a plusieurs possibilités devant lui. On a vu ce que Brouillette a pu faire comme maraudeur et secondeur, Quinlan a le même genre de gabarit.

Je vois mal les Alouettes investir dans le développement d'un quart en qui ils ne croieraient pas. Mais mettre sous contrat ce genre de gars qui peut jouer à différentes positions, ce ne serait pas nouveau.

True, but the learning curve is so much steeper for CIS QBs. They are nowhere close to where U.S. college QBs are when they go pro. We can't use the no. 3 spot as a charity position, particularly not with AC's career in its twilight.

As a Ticat fan, I have to say that I'm extremely disappointed with the Ticats organization. What was Obie thinking (or not thinking)? Obviously, Jim Popp saw the potential. He must have realized that Quinlan is a rising star quarterback in the CIS and that he didn't win the Vanier Cup along with his Marauders teammates by pure luck or coincidence! The fact that Quinlan wasn't drafted was a shock in itself, but to have the Ticats pass him over altogether and allow a divisional rival to get him is inexcusable (I don't blame Alouettes fans for laughing at this!). It's true that Popp needs to develop a squad of QB's to eventually replace Calvillo, and I applaud him for being proactive in that process. However, Obie needs to do the same thing to eventually replace Burris. We're always hearing CFL teams complaining about the lack of Non-Import (Canadian) depth on their rosters. Taking on local CIS talent (especially those that have appeared in championship games!) would certainly help to alleviate that issue. Could it be that Jim Popp is turning out to be a better General Manager than Bob O'Billovich? For the sake of the Ticats team itself, I hope not... but it's going to take a lot of convincing for me to believe otherwise. This is really disappointing... :thdn:

We`ll trade him to you for Giguere :smiley:

Don't be disappointed. Its kind of like us and Sam Giguere... They way I see it is we get to see them play. Montreal does not use NI receivers where Hamilton does and Hamilton can't develop Quinlan, Montreal can.

I agree but on the flip side. American QB's have to learn our game. Its rare to find a Canadian QB with Quinlan's tool set.

Personnally, I don't expect much from Quinlan; at best, he will be on practice roster. With this signing there are 5 QB's on the roster and he is fifth.

Eventually,he could be "tried" as SB,eventhough he his not too fast, or as safety.

Wishing him the best.


Fullback is where I expect him to wind up eventually if he manages to stick in the CFL. If he bulks up by about 10-20 lbs., he'll be a good size for pass-catching fullback, and lack of speed won't be as much of an issue.

That's what we just drafted Pat Lavoie for.

I think he will go through most of camp and go back for his fifth year and come back in 2013.

The days of a Canadian QB are a distant memory. Gerry Datillo was the last one that comes to mind. If he sticks this year or next sadly it will be at another position.

Dumb question, if he his sent back to Mcmaster is he still under contract? Or is it considered a release and becomes a free agent? :?