montreal signs ex-rider wr jamel richardson

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Man, it would have been nice if the Cats had picked this guy up. A missed opportunity, Obie?

this guy ain't worth it. From what I remeber Jason French is a much better receiver.

Then the als are really in trouble cause French isn't that good.....short arms from what I see.

You never know about receivers tho...look at Terrance Edwards...a zero with the als, star with Peg

compare their stats, and compare the years they have in common both playing with Sask and you'll see who the better receive was.

anyone can be good in winnipeg with that o-line and all the attention being focused on Roberts, Stegall, and Armstrong. heck i could be a 3rdreceiver over there and catch 60 balls.


Ill be at IWS for both als games this u a steak dinner than Richardson has a better year than French...

Thats a very interesting fair bet. I will ponder that one. Will see after training camp.