Montreal signs Dobson Collins

A former Tiger cat and Redblack finds a new home with a one year deal.

Collins (if he makes it through T.Camp) will be strictly p.roster material or IL as an insurance policy in case of injury to one of the Al's starters. I really can't see him cracking the final 46 man roster,let alone being a starter with the depth the Al's have this season at the receiving position. Although he has shown brief glimpses of being at best a mediocre player,serviceable in a pinch,he has never stuck anywhere he has ever played in the CFL, as a matter of fact the Al's will be his 5th team already in his 5 yr career (BC,EDM,HAM,OTT,MTL)

I'm with bobo. This is Popp just trying to assemble the best collection of receiver talent for training camp. I'd be shocked if Collins survives TC.

I think that your GM has to surround your crap QB with the best receivers he can buy just so they can complete a pass sometime this season. Sorry to say, but Crompton is probably the worst STARTING QB in the league right now, and with LeFevour's knee at 80% (his own assessment), you're going to be stuck with him for a while. When Dan eventually wins out over Crapton (and he should), look for a much more dynamic passing and running game.

Right now I'd probably rank Crompton lowest in the league too, if you count Lulay, Reilly and Durant as all healthy. But he has only started half a season during which the Als won a lot of games. He could be good enough. He also comes cheap, which is one reason the Als were able to re-sign pretty much everyone and bring in some other good players.

Harsh, but true, unfortunately. I don't think Crompton has a long-term future in this league as a starter but I'm hoping to be proven wrong.

Although not saying much, the few times I saw the RB's play last year, Collins looked like one of their best receivers. Did he play out his option or did Marcel release him?

If Popp is "trying to assemble the best collection of receiver talent" how is it even possible that Chad Johnson is still a part of the Alouettes roster. His performance last year was one of the jokes of the CFL season.

Just imagine if Popp had a time machine and had this receiving core 4 or 5 years ago when Johnson,Stamps and Lewis were in their prime and Green was just starting to show his potential. Now that would've possibly been the most potent core of receivers ever assembled on one team. As for Crompton he is basically the CFL's answer to the NFL's Trent Dilfer. Oh and by the way let's not forget that the Ravens won a Super Bowl with Dilfer before they released him.

It's still the offseason, right?

Okay then. . .

Fixed them for ya ! :smiley:

Thanx MadJack :smiley: I guess I was just Cluless on that one. Oh well at least I'm not Ignant :lol: :rockin:.....(p.s..check the CFL main forum.. thread about that team from Toronto and how they are still a threat in the East: :roll: :wink: :cowboy: )

The fact that Popp is shoring up the receiver position means he obviously wants to improve on last year's performance. I would be surprised if Chad Johnson made it through camp. It's not so much performance but age. He's 36. Last year, he was getting open at times, but Crompton was consistently missing him and instead throwing into double coverage. I don't want Johnson on the roster but not all of last year was on him.

And when I said "best collection," I meant that Popp was trying to improve his receiving corps by any means necessary, according to who was available. Obviously Lewis isn't the receiver he once was, and neither is Stamps, but that doesn't mean they can't be valuable short-term additions while we try to find our franchise QB.

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That makes two of us.

You're right; it isn't saying much. That was one weak receiving corps last season; looks like they realized it too, and have taken steps to remedy it.

I wouldn't agree that Collins looked like one of their best. As far as I am concerned he's been a bust wherever he's been which is why each team he's played for releases him after one season only.

Sorry Bobo, but if we were to go back 5 years Stamps and Lewis would still be very much a part of their respective former teams and Johnson would still be in the NFL and not even be entertaining a move to the north.

I only raised this subject because he is a former Tiger cat and as serviceable as Chad Johnson at this stage.

Je ne vois aucune raison de garder Collins alors que les Alouettes ont Gilyard et Rodgers qui peuvent apporter quelque chose de plus. Pour ma part, pour vous donner une idée de l'estime que j'ai pour le jeu de Collins, je préfère garder Cody Hoffman, qui n'a que 23 ans, s'amène avec un beau parcours universitaire et sur la recommandation de Ben Cahoon.

Relativement à Johnson, je crois qu'il ne sera pas de retour à Montréal. Il a eu un effet publicitaire l'an dernier, mais aucun impact sur le terrain, globalement. Cette année, personne ne va s'enthousiasmer de la présence de Johnson. L'effet est passé. Même les Elvis Gratton de Montréal qui ne jurent que par la NFL ne parlent plus de lui.

Si on regarde les autres receveurs internationaux que les Alouettes alignent présentement (S. J. Green, London, Stamps, Lewis, Gilyard, Rodgers, Hoffman, Brendan Green, Thompson), je ne vois pas comment les Alouettes auraient même intérêt à garder Collins sur l'équipe de pratique. Collins n'a pas montré qu'il serait meilleur que ce qu'on a vu de lui. C'est suffisant pour le laisser de côté.

LeStaf - Welocme to the Hamilton Tiger Cat website. If you care to notice there is no indication the site is bylingual. For me it's more than obvious you have something to say on our website, and as a Tiger cat fan I appreciate any reasonable debate regarding the players or the team. There is only one slight proble. You choose to post your responce in French with an opption to translate your message. For me this is crap becuase we in Ontario are not given any opportunity to read signage in Quebec in English. So with that being said I am being foced to translate whatever message you deem important enough for the Tiger Cats to interprit. This is my opinion and I am not being nasty I am only stating how I feel about people or a province who like to force their views on other people.

We went through this in the LeFevour thread. I agree with what TravelPatB wrote there: “I’m fine with Le Staf posting in the language he is comfortable writing in - especially since he provides a link to translate it so it takes all of five seconds to do it.” And as others commented in that same thread (and as LeStaf politely said in his own post), if you don’t want to read it, don’t. I am interested in what LeStaf writes and hope he continues to post.

Just click on google translate, it works both ways. You can see what he said and when you respond in English he can do the same thing. No big deal.