Montreal Sellout?

Perhaps Montreal gets a sellout Monday. Over 21,000 as of Sat morning


I’ll have to look at it when they pan the crowd; what’s capacity there?

Cody fajardo is playing a lot better when surrounded by a real team.

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You thought he played well against Ottawa? how many times was he sacked?
Ottawa was brutal and the Als D did a great job.
I didn’t see anything special form Fajardo. The Tiger Cats are hot at the right time and I can see Fajardo getting sacked more time than completions against them.

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But he is still the q,b, the defence helped him a lot in sask .to. That’s why it’s called a team. Too bad we couldn’t pick up that number 0. For Montreal, he’s changed the whole team. There full of confidence now,

Good news.

Will Vancouver get over 20,000 attendance? A Sell out for Montreal is great but 21,000 is still not a big deal.

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It’s already established that Vancouver got a 23k average so the answer is yes and they’ll likely get a good crowed for the West semi final.

What I find hilarious is that fajardo is in the playoffs, and the riders finished in the basement. The lemonator made that happen.

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So Fajardo in a interview told band wagon fans to stay away? This is terrible marketing and the League needs to discipline Coaches and Players who say negative crap in the media, saying things like we were bad, we need to improve or we don’t want the support of fans who haven’t been there all season needs to stop , maybe a league wide educational seminar during training camp on positive marketing is needed ?

Yah, go fajardo, knock the cats out of the park. Number 0. Can help you do that. Crush the nah sayers.