Montreal@ Saskatchewan

What's with the TSN clock in thus ones. Looks like a watch.

Since the rants of fans watching the Edmonton BC game and the clock being out of sync with the actual game clock, I think they decided to actually film the real game clock and use it.

What's next, the yellow first down line they put on the screen must be exactly on the correct line? If they actually watched the game they wouldn't notice this stuff the whine about.

You mean you haven't noticed the two people on the side lines running the yellow tape across the field yet? :wink:

Huh. That's not a bad idea.

Ya, it's not a bad idea, old school and it works. Of course in BC the TSN clock happens to usually be more accurate. Those time keepers in BC have a looooong history conveniently trying to manipulate the clock in the Lions favor.

Time to hang up the equipment, Bagg... :cry:

AC with blurred vision? Uh oh.

Watching Bagg go down again almost put me in tears. For anyone who knows what he has gone through, I can tell you, those were not pain tears, those were tears of knowing his career is over. He knows exactly what happened to his knee. Broke my heart knowing how hard he worked to get back into the game that he loves, and having it all taken away from him, for the third time! :frowning:

Unfortunately yes. Great player but you do not come back after a 3rd ACL injury at the age of 28. Tonnes of heart and I thank him for his years of play.

Guess Sisco is coming off the "injured list" next week. Time to raise a new star.

Yeah, I felt for the guy as he was walking off.


Especially hate to see a Canadian boy go down. Hope he does comeback but it doesn’t sound good.

Well.. .they tried and tried.. .and TRIED, and the Riders finally succeeded in giving this game away.. way to stick with the game plan Saskatchewan :roll:

Who wants to lose this game more? :roll: Hoping the BC/Calgary game is better than this dog.

Apparantly the Riders have the weapons to come back. :lol: :lol: Sometimes Rob Black can be stupid and ignorant at the best times.

According to the CKRM sideline reporter, the injury may not be as severe as it seemed at first. Let us hope.

Good news. He's a fun player to watch.

Team that turns it over last loses. :lol:

Ferri? Unnecessary roughness? Who would have thought.