Montréal @ Saskatchewan

Cette partie s'annonce passionnante, avec tout ce qui s'est passé pour ces deux équipes la semaine dernière.

Les secondeurs des Alouettes voudront améliorer leur performance assez ordinaire contre les Lions et les Roughriders voudront venger leur amère défaite contre des Eskimos que tout le monde avait sous-estimé.

Il va sans dire que je souhaite une victoire des Alouettes, mais je souhaite bonne chance aux Roughriders, et que la meilleure équipe gagne!

Seriously???? I mean...really!

Sure he's serious. . . and I agree with everything he's said (including the last part about wanting the Als to win but wishing good luck anyway to the Riders and may the best team win).


Même si mon équipe favorite n'est pas la vôtre, je peux sincèrement souhaiter bonne chance à l'équipe adverse et à ses supporteurs. C'est un sport que manifestement nous affectionnons tous et de témoigner du respect pour les supporteurs de l'équipe adverse nous aide, comme supporteurs de football canadien, à regarder ce qui nous unit plutôt que ce qui nous divise.

Les supporteurs des Roughriders m'ont toujours témoigné ce respect et je leur rends cette politesse en faisant de même.

Bonne partie à tous!

Right on Le Staf,

This game is going to be hard fought. I just hope our defence comes to play.

Good luck to the Als, and may the Riders destroy them in the most respectful way possible. :slight_smile:

LOL. ..

This is the most polite trash-talking I've ever seen here. . .

Merci LeStaf, mais malheureusement pour toi, c'est à notre tour de gagné :stuck_out_tongue:

Est-ce que tu sera au match au Stade Molson le 24 juillet? Je serai là. J'ai organisé un group de 30 (moitié-moitié partisans d'Alouettes et Riders). Nous serons dans Section Q. Honnêtement, si j’avais besoin de choisir entre gagner contre Montréal cette année à domicile ou à Montréal, je choisirais à Montréal parce que je serai là avec des amis qui m’agasse déjà trop souvent avec les résultats des dernières 2 coupes Grey !! Mais je préfère si les Riders gagnent les deux matchs, c'est certain :lol: 8) :lol:

Rider fans are the most polite people you will ever meet :wink:

C'est peut-être à votre tour de gagner, mais encore faut-il le faire... :wink:

Je serai en vacances à l'étranger le 24 juillet. Mais si une autre occasion se présente, ça me ferait plaisir. J'ai eu la malchance de manquer MadJack cette année parce que j'ai toujours beaucoup de travail à la fin juin, alors je ne voudrais pas manquer toutes les occasions!

On se tient au courant! :rockin:

Al's are all class , and Trestman is a genius.

-The Riders do not have the luxury of being able to absorb DD turnovers as in the past couple of years

-A priority in winning is ,The Riders must get pressure on Calvillo from our End's

-Was EJ's 43 yard FG a fluke.....maybe , but if EJ can show consistency from outside the 40, then maybe our O's growing pains will be somewhat more tolerable.

It's a Rider Win Saturday, If coaches and players get these three aspects sorted .

These have been great match-ups the past few years...some of the best games of the entire season in all actuality. I think keys are this...

  • 1/2 the Rider Wideouts are on the 9 game
  • the DL needs to get some heat...we can not blitz every time, and a 4 man rush did nothing last week. I don't know if you need to rotate somone else inside or what, but we need to be able to push the odd pocked back with a 4 man front. If not, go to 3 and drop another guy back over the middle.
  • Eubanks needs to step up his game, especially since he will be covering Green. That or give Graham a shot.
  • We need to alternate a bit between Man and Zone, just to make AC guess a bit. Run the odd man over Zone, with Patrick leaning to Green.
  • I liked the last game that we were running up the middle, but complimenting it by passes up the middle 10-12 yards deep. We need to do that more...we lacked it last season. The point of plugging the gut is to open up passes over the middle. Get JC rolling was his bread and butter years gone by.
  • Speaking of JC, get him in the game. He is getting left wide open...understandably if you never pass to him...why wouldn't you play loose so you can 1/2 cover another receiver. Use him...spread the D...he ain't going to drop it!

Oddly, we have the same defensive trouble at the moment: inability to pressure the QB without blitzing. It should be very interesting to see which D-line wins the battle in the trenches.

Since I'm an Argos fan, I'll be cheering loudly for the Riders to win this one. I'll also be cheering loudly when TSN shows footage of hot female rider fans soaking it up in their bikinis in that hot tub they have in Mosaic Stadium. Splash fight! WOOOOOOOOOO

im cheering als all the way. need them to win to help my team. How many times do you think the 09 final will be brought up? at least 10 if rod black is calling the game.

Player I'll be watching closely is #41 Remond Willis. Show us what you got, buddy.

. . . in the first half. . .

Which is why i enjoy being at the game soooo much more.

well said

Riders Gameday Roster is up.
good news is Freeman is starting. Mckenzie and Kornagay are that is good news.

Hawkins is on the 9 game, so out till midseason+

While our D will have to take the game to AC, my hope is that Durant isn't shaken up about how his first two games have gone so far this year -- he's a talented guy who just needs to go out there and play ball!