Montreal @ Saskatchewan July 19 - Discussion

Okay, boys and girls, we're going up against the only undefeated team in the league. What are the keys to this game? What do our Als have to do to win?

On offense, we need to get Cobourne involved early so play action becomes effective. Calvillo needs to be protected.

On defense, PASS RUSH. We have to get in Durant's cage early and rattle him with some big hits. We also have to play the screen effectively as the Riders love to throw screen passes to Cates to blunt aggressive pass rushes. I don't want to see Cates picking up first downs on second and 10 with screens.

On special teams, we need to execute better and scheme better when covering and returning. Armstead can do some damage if we give him the lanes.


What we have to do?

Outplay them on Offense.
Outplay them on Defense.
Outplay them on Special Teams.

Offensively, I think Trestman did his homework on the Riders. I'm sure he looked at what was wrong offensively against Calgary, and either fixed it or removed it. Saskatchewan has a good D-Line, so A.C needs protection, and I agree, Cobourne needs to get involved early. I think Montreal should start the game with a Homerun, go for the bomb immediately, or the 1st 2 plays hand the ball to Cobourne, and make the Defense think a little, then bring in play action, etc...

Defensively, I want Mr. Hunt dressed, and play against his old team, and I want him to do what he does best, and that's the QB Spy. I think Hunt, would be a huge upgrade to this defense, because of his awareness, speed and ability to tackle. Durant is mobile, had a good game, but I don't think he's anywhere near Burris' caliber. I expect this team to get sacks, and cause turnovers.

Special Teams... They need a whole new makeover.

I think right now, we have a good chance at ending the win streak.

Hunt was our big FA signing over the offseason, it would be nice to see him get some game action. But who do you sit out? Hill has been a force, so my guess is that it would be Ferri.

Pass rush is the key; Hamilton didn't get one sack on Durant......we have to, if only to see if the kid can be rattled.

I still don't understand why we aren't using a 3-4 D with the linebackers we have, and given our relative lack of quality D-line talent. Hunt, Hill, Taylor, and Ferri would be a great quartet. As it is, someone has to come out for Hunt to play, and who would that be? Ferri makes things happen, so you don't scratch him. Hunt is too small for MLB, and Taylor has done well there anyway. So that leaves Hill.

For the past 2 games, 21 imports, including the 3 QB,and 21 non-imports were dressed,meaning that we played with 1 less import than the total permitted; for this reason, Hunt can dress/play and we won't have to reduce 1 import.

If Hunt plays, which I hope, 1 amongst Gallant, Huclack and Spencer will or should be "scratched".

The biggest disappointment so far has been Armstead.


Armstead hasn't been a disappointment to me. I wasn't expecting much, and he's delivered exactly what I expected. Not much.

But so far I'm really pleased with how our team looks this year. Vast improvement over last year, when so many of our games were so deadly as to be darn near unwatchable from an entertainment aspect.

The D schemes haven't impressed me thus far. I'd like Burke to come up with a few new looks so we're not so easy to read at the line of scrimmage. Also, we need pressure from our ends to stop Durant from rolling out of the pocket and throwing on the run.

The defense has to play great ball to win this one. I liked what I saw re Darien Durant and Weston Dressler The latter is 5'7 and broke many records At North Dakota. If the defense can contain these guys we will have a winner. The idea of a 3 4 defense [ since we
hve strength here] intrigues me! I don't think we have overwhelmed any team with defensive rush so perhaps playing with 4 linebackers might be appropriate. Giving Colbourne the ball worked on our two wins but he was abandoned in the last game. This action taken with some screens and using play action could be quite a stress for the opposing defense.

Finally, I have always felt that getting rid of Corey Grant was an error.

I just feel that we're shortchanging ourselves by keeping a guy like Hunt on the sidelines because we have no room in our starting linebacking corps. And one of our ends, Kai Ellis, actually played MLB last season, so we definitely have the tweener capability.

Claybrooks as the nose-tackle, Stewart/Ellis and Bowman/Kashama on the ends, and Hunt-Hill-Ferri-Taylor at LB. Like Ryooon said, Hunt used to excel as the QB spy, an area where we've been weak this season. No longer would guys like Burris be able to destroy us with their feet on second and long.

On reflection, while I would like to see Hunt get some playing time, I would be very reluctant to bench T.J. Hill.

In the Calgary game, Hill finished with 2 sacks and 8 tackles. I don't think we reward such a performance with a benching.

Maybe a 3/4 is the way to go.......

Further.............TJ Hill leads the league in tackles. No way we sit him down.

But it looks like we'll finally get to see Hunt anyway, Herb Z is reporting that Taylor has pulled up lame, so it looks like Hunt will take his place today.