Montreal @ Sask week 3

I will be at this game. I suspect we win this, also happy to see Bridge getting his chance to prove himself, he best make the most of it. Hope Carter is back on O. Tigpein back should make a difference in backfield. Macadodo better open his play book up and not be so predictable, still don't see what Jones see's in him. The big question.... how leaky will the O-line be!!

Carter stays on D until Nick Marshall is healthy to play has been mentioned.

From what I've seen so far, I'm having a hard time feeling confident, even knowing how badly Montreal is playing.
O-line concerns are real, Offensive calling/coordinating not of high caliber and the lingering reality that we still don't have imo a Franchise QB.
BB has come in and shown signs of Starting potential but also I've just seen play that is ok.
Given the time BB has been here, is it to early to think that if BB doesn't start knocking down doors and taking the win away from the opponent, that maybe....... well I guess we'll see pretty shortly.
For me, Brandon Bridge has got to show he's a starter.
imo it's time and now is the time.
Go Riders Go!

Agree, man it's like walking on a somewhat wobbly fence looking around for the Riders 2020 QB. Every team must have a running #1 Quarterback?, or so it seems. A much needed recovery for Collaros.

I question the HC's lineup reusing Carter on defense, he was an offense star with Montreal?

After last week's bedwetting in Ottawa, I expect nothing. Will need to see major effort and talent combine for a win before my confidence is restored.

The Defense is going to have a splendid performance I feel.

I agree Ab
However it's really the offense that excited FANS, I can only hope the Play calling (and BB's Performance) is creative and effective, if so I think we take this one by 20points
Go Riders Go

Be great to see Bridge have a good game tonight. I seem to have some doubts about Bridge though, but when it comes to Streveler I like him a lot.

Bridge has THE BIGGEST opportunity of his entire pro career in front of him - right here right now. If he fails to deliver on what he claims he can do - I will be very disappointed.

No excuses. He either steps up NOW - or he’s not starter material. We should see poise, confidence, execution, and leadership from Bridge tonight. On top of the win.

Really looking forward to the Humboldt Strong tribute tonight. Makes the quick trip back between Calgary and Regina this weekend well worth it.

Sorry, so far it looks like a Bridge too far....

over troubled water.... 13-3 Al's at the half.


They lost to Montreal. The Riders are officially the worst team in the league

How typical of the Riders. The year Hamilton was stinking up the CFL, the Riders ruined the Tabbies' otherwise perfect record and gave them their one win that season. The Alouettes are this year's Ti-Cats, and who gift-wraps a notch in the W column for them? You're welcome, Larks.

I want to see more Canadian qb's in the league as much as the next guy, but Bridge's performance tonight did nothing to help the cause.

Defensive MVP for the Alouettes goes to the goalpost for deflecting what should have been a momentum-shifting, lead taking touchdown for the Riders.

Another horrible outing for the Riders. That's two in a row. Enough, we are better than this.

Brandon Bridge is not a starter, we now know this. Watford as a converted receiver is showing as much poise as BB, who's in his 4th year as a CFL QB.

Any who is the person who decided we should keep Messam sidelined all night? This was the exact type of game where a guy like Messam turns the tables. Were we outcoached? Seems so.

Or Thigpen holding onto the first pass of the game.

The Rider D looked really know...other than that one guy at Corner.

There is one positional coach that needs to go...have said it since the day he was hired. I said it to certain people today in a fashion I may not be welcome around em for a while lol

Jones said "we can't put are heads in the sand"
So lets face it, The Riders are in big trouble this season and the way its looking so far, we were better this time last season......sure we were loosing but at least we were putting up points/ OFFENSE!!!!!
Every other team in the west including Winnipeg, Ottawa and Hamiliton have improved significantly but not The Riders.
This revovling door and not knowing who's on the field next PLUS imo we are no closer to a FRANCHISE QB then we were when conversations started while DD was still playing (years ago!!!)
Man I'm pissed, come on loosing to the broken Montreal machine in our home stadium. >:(

No we didn't play pretty good in any phase, get real. And who the hell is judging talent on this team when so many players aren't sticking??

For real....not sure how you can say the D did not look good Carter aside. They smothered the run and of the 287 yards given up probably 180 were on Carter. Rest of the team I agree. Step one needs to be a new OL coach....100%. I have not liked a couple of the moves this team has made...I was hopeful on Collaros but not through the moon on it...that said he is not a writeoff yet. Management of the OL has been horrific though and is what is going to kill this team. I thought it was going to be in okay condition until Bond was released....I would say that is when a lot of my opinion on this season went into question...Harrison was plain brutal. LaBatte needs to go to C. Pick up Peter D for LG. Keep Bladek at RG and let him learn...he is making mistakes, but he is going to be good. That helps a lot of the woes on O. Not a fan of McAdoo....I have never hidden that...but probably ride him out for the season.

Owens was a decision basically made when he got hurt with a couple of days left in camp. Bagg was well past his prime...Muamba they Fd up the contract....they should never have made his 220 for this year...guess they needed to to sign him but that was stupid and he had to go. Honestly...the drop off at LB for 2 of 3 games is probably worth the 100k they are saving. I can't really argue those moves. The biggest thing from camp...Bond aside......was that their were a couple of DBs that were more than adequate and they sent them packing. I think that in time Carter could be sensational at CB...but how many games do you lose because of him to get there.

The talent is there with this team...the 2 gaps are 1 CB and 1 OL. This loss is on Carter at CB and, horrid OL coaching and a bad OC. For hahas one should count how many times Rider receivers were in the same area or that they had a receiver in the passing lane underneath another....those are plays that should not be in an offense's playbook....that is just unacceptable. messups happen and things get crossed, but it was clearly just horrible plays at times yesterday

I understand Depop and agree with your opinion on OC and play calling . What really transpired with JJ leaving??
I realize you have what I assume is a more up front detailed perception of the The Rider Team, I on the other hand only go by what I see in every game played and although the Defense is good, with the big names, IMO the defense should be "great" . Great defenses don't play the way I saw against Montreal. Penalties are a serious concern.
Well either way, You can bet the next 2 games with a mercy week in between will put the situation into perspective.