Montreal`s Olympic Stadium In Talks To Host NFL Games


Pomerleau is slated to start construction on the repairs in late 2023.

phase I of repairs will last 2.5 years. (so guess four years).
then phase II of repairs will last 3 years.

so just under 6 years before the Big O "may" become useable.

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And 90 percent of all money spent going to organized crime... Again :grin:


And where does either article mention repairs?

More fake news

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A selling point apparently is the recent installation of a "FIFA Quality Pro" synthetic surface at a cost of $700,000.

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Which surprised me....since when does FIFA allow fake grass?

On a side note. did you see the NETFLIX docu on FIFA corruption?

I haven't, will have to check it out.

CF practiced on the field this past week and have a game there on March 18th.

Seems to me they always play the first few games of the season there

Yes believe you are right.

I've always felt Montreal would be able to support a NFL franchise more so than a MLB one.

The problem is no one could afford the $3-4 billion NFL franchise fee plus $2 billion if a new stadium is required.


I work in construction insurance and am part of the consortium quoting on the rebuild.


What does that have to with the reality of conspiracy theory some embrace here

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very true.

fantasy life > real life :slight_smile:


with that said, Pomerleau is going to fix that stadium.

it may cost more than demo'ing it and rebuilding, but be damned, they are going to use the Big O again.


So then its just your word....fair enough

you are a lost sailor.

I hope you find your way to shore one day.

here, maybe you can use this old article as a beacon. Pomerleau has now provided the final designs, which have been approved. Construction starts April/May 2023.


That does not constitute proof. personal opinion trumps fact, math,science and reality... You know this full well. How dare you second guess genius

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And that link proves what?
The first 2 links did not mention repairs
Mtl bid on NFL games for 2023 knowing the stadium could not be used for 2.5 years....right
You brought up repairs and a time line
And then of course S.O.P. name calling/personal attacks