Montreal Rouges NFL Team?

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Montreal Rouges

It’s been fun to watch the success of the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, and how they’ve been embraced as Canada’s team. I wouldn’t feel right putting an NFL team in Toronto, given the close proximity to Buffalo and the fact thatthe league is already angling for a new stadium or else threatening to leave. But Montreal would be a perfect spot for Canada’s team. The CFL’s Montreal Alouettes have a rich history with seven Grey Cups: One in 1949, then three in the ’70s and three since 2000.

The Alouettes already have a stadium. It’s small by NFL standards, but still comes in handy. I know it may seem like two teams fighting for attention in the same city could cannibalize interest, but the league is fine with New York and L.A. teams sharing stadiums, and Montreal’s two wouldn’t even be in the same league. In this case, the CFL’s season runs from June through the Grey Cup in late November, so the NFL team would have the stage to itself for the playoff push. Or they’d have it as early as the first week of November if the Alouettes miss the postseason entirely.

I like naming them the Rouges for several reasons. First, it’s a nod to the CFL, where a rouge is a one-point score that doesn’t exist in American football. Second, a French name is a nice tie-in to the local region and largely bilingual fan base. And finally, it comes with a built-in color scheme. Bonjour, Montreal Rouges.Mitch Goldich

It will never happen!

You might have been better to post the weather report … LOL … even with the spurious “Raptors rationale” it is astounding that Montreal would be mentioned but not Toronto (which, much as I hate to admit, has FAR more of corporate money necessary to support a local team) … THAT SAID … I do like “Rouge” (drop the “s”) as a name.

You guys don`t see a potential rivalry with Anchorage?

Montreal can barely support the team they have!

The NFL? Surely you jest (and stop calling me Shirley!)!!!

Montreal Rouges of the NFL makes sense to me.

Then we can get the St. Louis Fair Catches to join the CFL. ;D

NFL rival city for the rouges

Quebec City Douze Hommes

That, and the sequel, have got to be the greatest comedy movies ever filmed.

For the uninitiated …

The Alouettes were named as homage to an RCAF bomber squadron (425 Squadron),
whereas the Nielsen brothers, Leslie and his older brother Erik (later the MP from
Whitehorse, and deputy PM) served in 101 Squadron. Leslie enlisted just after high
school in Edmonton, at age 17, and was an aerial gunner in a Lancaster bomber long
before his Hollywood career. Just thought I should connect “Airplane” to their saga.

Erik served as a bomber pilot for a decade, and won the Distinguished Flying Cross
for some quick thinking during a mission in 1944 over the naval base at Kiel. Details.

Over occupied Europe, Erik Nielsen’s Lancaster was coned by searchlights. His every effort to
escape defeated,he told the crew to make sure they were tightly strapped in, put the aircraft into a
max-power climb, and as speeddropped off, lowered flap and stayed in the climb.Then he whipped
up the flaps, cut off power, stalled, dropped likea stone out of the cone, regathered speed far below,
and so to home.

It’s cool how much everything connects .

As long as were going the airplane movie route and working the Als history of RCAF into it ; it was actually a spoof of zero hour a movie about you guessed it A Canadian world war 2 pilot in the RCAF having to take the controls of the cross canada air lines flight out of Vancouver .

Yup, based off of the Arthur Hailey CBC screenplay “Flight into Danger” circa mid-50s. The plot (in the play) was actually an airliner from Toronto, stopping in Winnipeg loaded with football fans headed to Vancouver for ‘the big game’ (use your imagination as to which game ;)) when food poisoning took out half the passengers, including the the cockpit crew.

It’s a Canadian story that became the original template for the future ‘disaster’ movie genre so popular in the 70s.

Isn’t that cool the connection to everything including the CFL Grey Cup game in the original screen play .

For the CFL there is so many novel tid bits it’s similar to the 6 degrees away from Kevin Bacon .

There is always something connecting it .

Maybe when we get the movie producer owning the Als it will be endless as who knows who they have on board in LA .

More like Six Degrees of William Shatner, since the star of “Flight Into Danger”
was none other than James Montgomery “Beam Me Up, Scotty” Doohan of
Star Trek fame. Born in Vancouver, then lived in Sarnia. His parents were
from Northern Ireland.

Doohan developed a talent for accents as a child. Auditioning for
the role of chief engineer of the USS Enterprise, Doohan did several
different accents. Producer Gene Roddenberry asked which he preferred,
and Doohan replied, "If you want an engineer, in my experience the best
engineers are Scotsmen." He chose the name “Montgomery Scott” after
his grandfather. Doohan was quoted as saying, "Scotty is ninety-nine
percent James Doohan and one percent accent.