Montreal Road Trip - Has anyone went ?

Hey Ticat fans ..has anyone made the road trip to Montreal to see the Ticats ? If so did you go with the team or stay longer ? Sounds like a great time ..i could see going down with them and then stay the rest of the weekend

Has anyone been to the stadium there ? I assume the atmosphere is like Ivor Wynne with better scenery ?

Any comments are grattly appreciated


I've been and it's a great time. I didn't stay longer. It's a lot of fun. You get a little time to explore and the stadium has great views, but the seats are awful.

The ride back with the team is nice as well. Gives you a chance to chat with some of the guys. I haven't been on a winning road trip yet, but it was fun just the same. Definately worth the money.

it great fun to go to Montreal

I've been twice. My friends and I go up on our own so we can really enjoy Montreal :wink:

I've done both.
The Train:
The train trip....the ride down is amazing, everyone is getting more and more wound up with every road crossing and as kilometer of track takes us closer to the game.

Coming home, everyone is still in good spirits but the last 2 hours are tiring and be ready to sleep sitting up.

That being said a great trip all around, I wouldn't take kids.

Multi-day trip!
I found flights to Montreal on Westjet last summer for ...wait for it....$12 down and $27 return and then found a great deal at a hotel in Old Montreal.

While more costly, seeing Old Montreal in the summer is something that shouldn't be missed. The food is amazing the nightlife is second to none and the sights are awesome.

The down is, the Ticats only get enough tickets for the train takers. So I had to contact the Al's on my own. We got tickets in the same end zone across a large gap in the stands. It also is more expensive then the train...but worth it.

I would do both both are fun.

Hope this helps.

I went to see the Argos. Being the last game of the year, it was at Olympic stadium, which is by far the worst stadium ever built, IMO. You have to experience it to understand.

Molson Stadium is awesome. Small and full. There is a minimal concourse but it's a really good experience.

I went on the train last year. It was good going cuz it was so early in the morning that you could sleep and coming back was good cuz the players came thru and about 3 o'clock you fall asleep again.

It was dirt cheap! $105 with ticket! You cannot beat that as a round trip train ticket costs you over $300!

The good thing last year was that the game was on a Saturday and you didn't have to miss work or anything like that.

This year, the summer game is on a Thursday. I am not going to take 2 days off of work when I only get 10 days but then again, I probably will.

If you have never been to Montreal, it's worth it. Even when the train arrives you have 5 hours to look around downtown Montreal or take a cab to the Casino. If you want to do more in Montreal then stay but if you are just going to watch the game primarily, you will have enough time to see some of what Montreal has to offer.