Montreal Road Trip 2010

Im looking at going down to montreal for a lil get away with the wife in july same week the cats play in montreal how coincidental.
Just wondering if anyone knows how hard tickets are hard to come prices a good place to stay thats close to the stadum etc plz RESPOND

Tickets are easy to get just order online from the Alouettes starting June 1st. As far as a hotel goes the place that I stay at every year is the New Residence Hall / McGill University. This hotel is about 3 blocks from the stadium you can actually see inside the stadium if you have the right room. Don't be fooled by the word residence this is a actual hotel it has all the amenities of a regular hotel. It was a hotel that didn't do very well so the university bought it a changed it to a residence and in the summer they change it back to a hotel. It is a very clean building it cost me about $300 for 3 days.
phone 514/398-6194 About 10 minute walk to St. Catherines St.

I can usually get a single ticket between the 45 yard lines, but pairs are harder to come by. Not sure what will happen this year, they are adding about 5,000 seats to the stadium over the winter.

I have already reserved a king non-smoking room at the Econo Lodge on Rue St. Dominique for $75/night including tax. Just need a credit card to hold, cancel at no charge until 4pm the day before.


Should be a Blast Looking forward to going

Not certain you have been invited Tom.

I guess anyone who can come up with a ticket is invited. Dont forget that this will be the reopening of the newly expanded Molson Stadium and tickets will be snapped up quickly...and scalper prices will be high. If you book early you can get train tickets from Union Station for 69$ each way, and if you get a room anywhere in the downtown core you are a 10 minute shuttle bus from the stadium.

Anyone know when Alouette individual game seats go on sale. I think it is safe to go up there this year not expecting a blowout.

I think all teams start individual ticket sales on June 1. That's true of the Ticats and the Roughriders for sure, so I assumed it's the case for all teams.


I told Tom if he stood at the end of my street 10 hours before kickoff, wearing Ticats gear, and with his thumb out, I would be driving by and could give him a ride. :wink:


I think that you are probably right that it should be a competitive game....the Cats have then guns on offense to move the ball but all will revove around how well KG performs.

One thing tho....the game is going to be the home opener in a newly expanded stadium after a grey cup win.....hmmmm.

At any rate hope to see as many cat fans as possible there.

thanks and keep the ideas of where to stay coming

I am buying a Giant Foam Thumb so Red24 Can See it ..

My New away Jersery should be ready also ..

LOL - I'll watch for that!

Yes, this will make the Als tough to beat, but it will also make tickets tough to get! I plan to call them to find out when they will be available. In past trips I have been forced to get tickets from resellers and it was pricey! Don't want that to happen again.


Red24 you shouldn't have any problem getting tickets if you order them online June 1st. I see your staying at the Econo Lodge, I stayed there one year myself it wasn't the nicest place but it's good enough if your just looking for a place to crash. I remember having to wake the guy behind the counter when I was checking in.

Super - thanks.

LOL! I guess that means it's quiet! Looked OK in the pictures, but they can hide alot.


There a Difference Between Quite and Dead
I am wondering if any of collage Housing well be for rent ..
anyone know ?

There's lots to do near teh Econo Lodge - Rue St. Denis and St. Catherine are both close by.

My Flight is already booked and probabley staying at the Marriott. We stayed thereast week for the Leaf vs Hab Game. Very nice place. $340 for 2 nights! About a 20 min walk to he stadium!

I go to Montreal once a year to check out the game. I've been doing it for the past 4 seasons. A fantastic time!!! Tickets are always easy to get from scalpers. We traded our endzone tickets for 55 yard line. It only cost us $40 a ticket for the trade. Although, and keep in mind I am a good nagotiator. Otherwise it would have been a bit more.

Also keep in mind that tickets go very fast after they go on sale. I wouyld jump on as soon as the go on sale. Enjoy and see you at the game......

P.S. They let small soft coolers (enough for a 6 pack) past the gate. No joke.....enjoy!