Montreal Resting Calvillo, Brady starts

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So when Calvillo goes into the Eastern Semi-Final on Nov 15, he won't have seen game action since Oct 26. He'll be 20 days removed from game speed.

Can anyone say rust?

I don't think you will see any rust on Calvillo come game day.

And I was hoping we could beat them fair and square. Well, there's no excuse now. We have to win.

Eastern Final you mean....

Calvillo is a 15 year's not the 1st time this happened in his are worring too much for him !

Hmmm now which QB on Winnipeg's carousel will face off against him in the East Final?

My thoughts exactly! But they got to make it to East Final first!

they are only gonna do that so matty d will stop pestering them :lol: :lol: :lol:

The announcement of Brady as starter has pushed the Eskimos from 2 point favorites to 4 point favorites.

Almost worth betting that Edmonton is still able to choke late in the season.