Montreal Releases Troy Smith

8) Montreal has released 2006 Heisman Trophy winner, QB Troy Smith today.
  He looked pretty good during those last few games last season, but he was a disaster this season, in the 6 games he 
  started.  I would imagine someone will pick him up for a look see.  Regina possibly ??

For Mazoli dollars I'd say b-bye to "can't get a yard and hang on to the football."

Arash Madani tweeted this:

"Timing of the #Alouettes releasing Troy Smith today is no accident. By cutting him after the #CFL trade deadline, he now can't play in 2014."

Ouch! Doosh move?

Unclassy trash move to say the least by Jim Popp.
Destroy any chance of him getting a chance elsewhere.
I wonder how the Al’s posters that would come on here and trash Austin and Obie, feel about this?
Austin and Obie would never pull a stunt like this, I hope a red flag to all free agent players goes up on the Als

Sorry, but I'm not aware of any rule that says a released player cannot sign with another team once he clears waivers. There is no "dibbs" rule in the CFL.

Sorry but you're mistaken. Yesterday was the last day a player could be released and signed by another team. Starting today releasaed players can't sign until next year.

The Terrence Jeffers-Harris rule, some might call it.

I don't know that I've ever trashed Austin and/or Obie, but I will say this; while I am no fan of Troy Smith at all, I totally agree with you on this:

If, say, Taman (for example) was in conversation with Popp about trading for Smith prior to the deadline, and a deal didn't get done (obviously), then Popp would know the Riders were interested. To then hang on to Smith and release him now, is an unclassy move and may come back to bite Popp in the rear (as in if he ever wants a favour from Taman, forget it).

Now that of course is pure speculation on my part. But being a GM means, particularly in a 9 team league, you have to be prepared to behave in a 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' type of way. Alienating one of your fellow GMs is not good business.

I guess I stand corrected. Funny rule though. Whose interests does it protect? The player loses. Any team that suddenly needs the player (because injuries do happen) loses. Only thing I can think of, is that it may force teams to make trades before the deadline, rather than just waiting for a player to be released.

I guess this could be a very good reason that Grigsby asked for his release yesterday!

One word :Regina

wow. I figured his arm strength alone would carry him a few more years on MTL.

Oops I stand corrected unemployed or Arena football ?!

Arm strength alone does not a quarterback make. See Bishop, Michael.

This is the reason why

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So players can't be released days before the last couple weeks of the seasons or playoffs and be signed by another team and spill their playbook. The rule upholds the integrity of the league. Especially with only 9 teams.

Does the team have to pay the released player for the rest of the season?

8) The old rule was that if a veteran player (with at least 4 yrs. service) is released after the 14th game of the season,
   he was entitled to his full salary for the balance of the year, plus any medical expenses !!

   The rules may have changed now regarding this, but Troy Smith certainly doesn't qualify as a veteran player, in the 

     As I said, that old rule may have changed by now, especially with the new agreement this year.

Seems like this rule would be contrary to employment laws if ever tested. Generally it is not OK to say: "You can't work for us, and you can't work for anyone else in this country in your chosen field." Even if you agree to such a provision in a contract it is considered unenforceable.

If teams want to lock up a player's services, they should be forced to keep paying him. As a compromise, perhaps the payments would not count towards the cap - although that would be no different than the 6-game injured list.

Are you saying Austin will not release ANY players from now to the end of the season ?

Any team can sign Troy today. He just can't play in games until next season. And if any team had interest in Smith they could have traded for him up to the 15th.