Montreal releases Porter

Kinda surprised by this. First they dump A Mac, now Porter. Dumping the experience and going for unproven's at back up seems to be a trend. Al's fans better hope AC can keep it going until at least game 9 before he slows down.

What makes you assume he will slow down? He never has before. AC is not the type of guy who would keep playing if he didn't think he could.

Porter was given 2 pre-season games to show his stuff, and only showed he is not very good.

He usually does. He for sure did last year. Even Montreal fans were unpleased with his effort the last third of the season. The hits start to pile up for him, add in the age and he just isn't the same QB anymore. I guess we'll see.

He showed pretty good in the first game, much better than the other backups anyway.

I'm honestly surprised at this one, did he completely crap the bed in TO? He did alright vs us (although to me showed he wasn't starter material). Edmonton and Winnipeg might want to consider giving him a shot as a #2.

Hawkins being an ESPN Analyst for the last few years job was college football and had the entire ESPN college football mecca at his disposal so he likley bring in more of his guys as marsh was probably his choice. Popp always has about 10 QBs on his neg list and I am sure some were dropped from Trestman era and added when Hawkins came aboard.
Inheriting Calivillo makes it easier and with the OLine and talent of skill players offense that game with the job Neiwswander could probably get by if needed for now being surrounded with that while Hawkins will begin grooming an NCAA rookie or recent grad and NFL free agent he will have his eye on that may slip out of the NFL being out of options and signed during the expanded roster period.

According to Herb Z from the Gazette, he says he was never given a chance to compete for the no. 2 spot, and actually asked for his release before the preseason games were played. Not a fan of this move at all.

…You guys better pray that A.C. holds it together this year…Behind him the qb. cupboard is bare…Brink is still out there though, who most likely had /has an edge on Porter… :roll:

See, papa, unlike you guys, we don't need to rely on faith and prayer to ensure that our QB remains upright. We have a good O-line completely intact from last year and a QB who knows when to get rid of the ball. :smiley:

Behind him the qb. cupboard is bare....Brink is still out there though, who most likely had /has an edge on Porter.. :roll:
I didn't say the cupboard was bare. Neiswander did better in the second preseason game, and Tanner Marsh impressed in limited action. But I definitely dislike the decision to consign a CFL-ready backup QB like Porter to the third-string spot without giving him a chance to prove himself. That's not fair competition to me. And not smart either when your GM gave Porter a 30k signing bonus that counts against the SMS... :thdn:

.....Well you're not alone in the 'cash-give-away' dept. as that's the same bonus we gave Hefney before we released him.. :roll: Porter asked for his release, I'm being told...Does he have to return the cash....As far as brittle Buck and ol folks Calvillo go, we'll see on Thurs. who hangs in there the longest :lol:

That is very interesting if indeed he was not given a real shot at the #2 spot.
For all of the Als QBs they constantly have on the neg list they have never had to use them with Ham and then McPherson holding that spot for the entire existance of Montreal new version of the ALS form Baltimore.
Still Montreal has been nothing short of a class act both in Baltimore and now back in Montreal as the ALs which
AC like any other football player could go down at a moments notice and that could be it. He has been open about learning from other great QBs before him the art of learning how to avoid contact along with Montreal's priority to keep the Oline among the best in the CFL year in and year out. Through the Canadian draft always keeping a balance of old veterans, players in their prime, along with young future all stars on the Oline always grooming the next replacement for an aging Canadian O Lineman. Now with so many more potential Canadian lineman beginning to arise to the outside to RT
will lead to the ability to have Canadian LTs. The fact that Montreal has been able to do this when there were many less potential Canadian OTs is to their credit.

Back to Porter unless he has really lost it altogether with his abilities he most likely land somewhere among a CFL team whether right now, or when an injury may sideline a QB for a long period of time or the season, or the top back up of some team is not living up to his expectations. This will be the situation for Porter as well as a slightly younger Alex Brink. Both have a good QB pedigree through the NCAA DI and although that is not always an automatic pro player both are pro football style QBs who both had spent time with Big Time football programs with big success both some years in the NFL as #3s, practice roster players, and Porter even the NFLE.
Both have a good amount of CFL game experience but both also spent there CFL careers on teams with an unstable situation and both were let go to make room for new HC and regimes to bring in there own QBs.
Sometimes being in the right place at the right time can make all the difference.
For Porter he was just not in the plans for the new regime in Hamilton last season or the new regime in Hamilton this season and with a new regime and new coach to the CFL in Hawkins he was not in Montreal's new regimes plans.
Brink a similar situation not in the new regimes plans in Winnipeg and although Toronto gave him a look there was really no room there either with the two returning back ups Trevor and Zack vaulting themselves on the CFL map and have both been able to pick up the unique CFL West Coast offense.
Toronto also brought in this years version of Trevor and Zack in Quinton and Mitchell. Quinton two years of pro experience. outside the CFL and true rookie Gale

Good Move however. Not a starter for sure as last 8 seasons have proven. Young stud needed