Montreal Releases CB Davis Sanchez

Even thou he's older....adding Sanchez and Byron Parker to our D-backfield would be real nice. Here's hoping Obie has made contact with Javier Glatt as well....only for depth. Cheers.

Sanchez and Parker on the corners would be a fearsome combination. . . and Sanchez is a ratio-buster as well.

But Glatt? No thanks, he's never impressed me. Johnson/Floyd/Knowlton was a great LB corps, and with Barrenechea and Haley backing up I don't see either the room or the need for Glatt.

With the potential loss of Knowlton, and Auggie's health problem, we may very well need a player like Glatt.

I'd LOVE to see those 2 corners, though...

If Knowlton were to leave (and I sure hope he doesn't, he's easily my favourite Cat), I expect Obie would replace him with an import (maybe even by shifting Floyd outside and inserting Haley in the middle, or just putting Haley outside). And if Auggie can't go, I'd look to pick up another Canadian LB in the draft; sorry it's just me but Glatt has never impressed me at all.

If the TSN story is true, Sanchez would have to clear waivers before gettting to choose where he goes. TOR, WPG, EDM & HAM would have the chance, in that order, to claim him and assume his Montreal contract before BC.

When a player is released there are no waivers. If a player is put on waivers that comes before the release. He is free to sign with any team he wants and there are no team priorities.

Thank you zenstate.

Also, Floyd can still play, but doesn't have the legs any more to play the outside. Especially not the weakside.

speculation: Setta dropped to make room for money DB's? on top of inconsistant punting, and questionable health.

I wouldn't mind seeing Sanchez and Byron Parker on the corners for the black and gold.

You may be right zenstate. Are you saying that Sanchez WAS put on waivers and cleared or that a player can be outright released without waivers and immediately becomes a free agent. I don't believe the latter can happen, but it wouldn't be the first time I've been wrong on league procedures.

The article says he was released by his own request. It says nothing about the Als using waivers nor would they for an outright release. A player does not have to be put on waivers first to be released. Waivers are used much more in the NFL than here in the CFL. It simply allows another team to claim a player along with his current contract. It's more the kind of thing you do to a player you like but can't keep.

Sanchez's contract is up so he couldn't be put on waivers anyway.

8) The same story with Nick Setta. Just released outright.
  A player under contract is usually put on waivers only during the playing season, to see if there is any interest in 

him from another team.  Then a possible trade could be worked out.

 A player can only be put on re-callable waivers once a season.

I'm pretty sure when Bishop left the blue team it was because the Riders claimed him off waivers.

Sorry zenstate your recollection is faulty. . . he was traded from Toronto to the Riders for a conditional draft choice.

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Tipper & zenstate:
I'm still not convinced we (all or any of us) really understand the CFL waiver rules. There are "waivers" and "waivers with recall." Names put on the list are not made public unless leaked to the media by a team or league source. Waivers with Recall does have a limit, perhaps once as you say Tipper, of the number of times a player can be put on the list during any one season. Waivers with Recall is used to judge interest in a player and perhaps lead to a trade. I don't believe there is a limit to the number of times a name can be placed on waivers (without recall). If a claim is made by another team, that team takes over the player's contract. If there is more than one claim, the team with the worse record in the previous season prevails. I believe a player on waivers may be claimed only within a certain period of time, probably 24, or 48 , or 72 hours. Once that time has passed, the player becomes a free agent. I still believe that releasing a player requires following the waiver procedure. Perhaps the waiver procedure is not followed during the off season.

Another point: Sanchez' name has not yet appeared as "released" on the CFL Transactions list on, which leads me to think that perhaps he was "waived" by Montreal, that the waiver time has not yet passed, and his listing was leaked to Dave Naylor. Setta's name was on the Transaction list as "released" on the very day (Jan. 29) the announcement was made. For that to occur, I believe he had been waived and not claimed in the days preceeding the 29th.

From the very article you posted.. "The Argos later placed him on recallable waivers, a move general manager Adam Rita said was more housekeeping rather than an indication the club wanted to get rid of the quarterback."

That is why I thought he was grabbed off waivers. I remember Shultz talking about it on TSN before a game back then.

Completely understandable. . . I had forgotten that part of the story, that he had been put on waivers first, and that the trade came afterwards. I do now recall Bishop being somewhat ticked that he had been put on waivers (or that it became public, or both).

A very talented player...I think that he would be worth a look...For the right price of course!