Montreal plays dirty against Bombers!

Montreal and Don Matthews simply plays a dirty style of football. All the players on the Montreal team intentionally try to injure the other team's players in order to win a game. I wouldn't be surprised if Don even payed the ref's after watching tonight's game. The ref's were clearly puppets of Montreal.

montreal is simply a dirty team

Montreal played very bad football at times, but they did win the game.

best thing for the Bombers to do now is to get better, and beat them fair and square in the playoffs.

go to bed...

oh, c'mon guys, be real, let's not start that until the playoffs, eh?

so montreals dirty cuz bombers got thier butts handed to them ...

the number of dirty hits makes them a dirty team. plus montreals a dirty city.

okay and winnipeg isnt?

winnipeg always starts off good against montreal... but montreal is just like a 1st grade math problem... the team together just can't finish it....

yea no kidding how many points were allowed by the al's in the 2nd Half ?

wait yea , 1 point :thup:

and their avg was alreaady 3 :cowboy:

speaking of dirty... have you seen troy westwood?

Montreal is dirty because they wen with a safety (again), and they paid off the refs to win them the game.

Troy looks good!

last part was sarcasm.

Tell me Yogi, why don't you give examples of all the supposed dirty hits and explain exactly what about each of them was dirty.

that Hebert interception was a dirty call, even most Al fans admit that!

Bombers admit it was a ball call on Wickins too!

only if ur team loses then u go and rant about being dirty and paying refs

bottom line…

montreal wins 44-16…

montreal stands at 4-0

winnipeg is not that good and will be at 500 next week when ricky ray is done with them.

helemt to chin of quinn, multiple blocks on passing plays by reciever(winnipeg got called for exact same thing), obvious pass interferance, malicious hit to jaime stoddards head after the play, etc. need some more?

ps at least 3 chop blocks by o-line on every play, legal but cheap

KK, tell me how exactly a couple of bad calls by the REFS make montreal a dirty team. Please explain it to me.

I was looking for examples of the supposed dirty hits that Montreal apparently threw at the Bombers tonight.

maybe we should start calling bomber fans cry babies... cause last time i recall when calvillo mentioned cheap shots.. everyone was on his ball calling him a cry baby... but yeah once again, unlike the bombers, calvillo can get up after a hit

100% support on that comment cept calvio complained for a good reason

Gavin Walls got fined 500.00 for a late hit last time they met