Montreal player photos

Just a quick note regarding the player photo archive I have online. All of the Montreal photos that are currently online will be coming offline very soon and going into a perment archive with the Alouettes.

Within a couple of weeks over 200 new player photos will be going online.

Thanks and enjoy the photos that are online now.

thanx for the info.

Hello all. I have just uploaded 225 new Montreal photos. Also a web site address change.


Thanks and enjoy the new photos.



I'm looking forward to getting to Montreal for a few games this season, really frustrating not having a team in Ottawa. I've talked to a lot of my friends and every year without a team getting excited about a new season is tougher, and with Ottawa and the dragging out of rebuilding Lansdowne park with all the annoying court battles who knows when we'll have a team back.

I have been enjoying going through all my old negatives and re-living all the memories that came with being there photographing the games. I hope they have done the same for all the fans.


Renovated Frank Clair will be an awesome place to watch football. I will be going to a couple games a year, seat availability permitting.

having been a ticket holder for the rough riders in the '70's when jake dunlop was the GM I too like HfxTC am looking forward to returning to lansdowne park for an als vs. RRs match!! and hopefully unlike the '70's when tickets were always available the new team will have good support from the ottawa/hull region!!

I honestly believe that Ottawa has the fan base, that was never really a huge problem, although I do know they did give a lot of tickets away with the Renegades, and there were some pretty lean fan years with the Riders, but they always seemed to have 10-12 thousand willing to buy season tickets. Having a local group running the team will make it a team worth supporting, but this city, unfortuantely, is a real bandwagon city. I think the renegades would have had a great team had they not folded when they did, they had some great players, and were really only a few away from being a solid contender.

I guess we'll know in a couple of years as to how the city handles the new team.

like every CFL team it starts at the top!! look at mr. wetenhall & mr. berger!! excellent owners=success on and off the field!! ottawa RR had the fan base in the '50's & '60's & '70's but the beginning of the '80's saw the team going down hill due to 1 reason!! that being disasterous ownership at the top that =failure on and off the field!! hamilton and toronto have turned the corner due to 1 thing!! solid ownership!! winnipeg/saskatchewan/calgary/b.c. have had some troubles in the past but when solid ownership showed back up the team on and off the field became professional again!! I finally see the ottawa ownership being solid and from the community!! therefore the pulse of the nation's capital is finally back on track with the fan base and the clowns are gone from the scene!!

If you haven't had a chance to drop by and have a look at the photo archive it has just gone over 5000 photos online, with close to 400 Als and Concordes photos. More being added all the time.


Thanks and enjoy the photos.