Montreal owner wants NEW stadium?

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Montreal Alouettes’ owner Robert Wetenhall:

“This is a great football team; this was a great football game. We are definitely a better team then we were the first half of the season.�

On the ‘home of the Alouettes’ – the stadium…

“There is currently no viable stadium in this community acceptable for professional sports. That is why our thrust right now is to raise the necessary fund to build the right stadium."

"Our promise was to bring a winning football team to Montreal; we’ve done that. Our next focus is the stadium.�

On the Alouettes at the 93rd Grey Cup game in Vancouver…

“We’re intending and expecting to be at Grey Cup this year.�

now is he talkin about the expansion of percival molson stadium, or a WHOLE NEW stadium>?????

side note:

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Sunday's semifinal was the last on synthetic turf at McMahon stadium. A more grass-like field will be put in place for next season that is softer and more forgiving than the AstroTurf.

Montreal Alouettes owner Robert Wetenhall was disappointed that only 31,199 fans turned out to see his team beat Saskatchewan in the CFL East Division final on Sunday.

And now he's wondering if the team will return to 53,000-seat Olympic Stadium for any games next season.

''It's something (team president) Larry Smith and I will have to think about,'' said Wetenhall. ''We're challenged here because there is part of our constituency that just doesn't want to come here.''

It was not a problem in the past.

The Alouettes have sold out 62 consecutive games at their regular home, the 20,202-seat Molson Stadium, but the outdoor facility isn't big enough for the team to turn a profit.

It is the fourth year they have played their playoff game at Olympic Stadium, and never before drew fewer than 51,296.

For the last two years, they also played their final home regular season game, also topping 50,000 each time.

But three weeks ago, 51,279 turned out to see Montreal play its worst game of the season - a 49-23 loss to Toronto - that apparently moved some fans to give up on the team.

''It was clear that our performance against Toronto was not consistent with the type of team, in terms of effort, that we have put on the field (in the past),'' said Wetenhall. ''And the result was we got a little bit punished by the fans of Quebec.''

''I was hoping we'd get 40,000 or 45,000. I'm disappointed.''

Wetenhall said the low attendance will mean the team will not break even this season, partly because it spent $400,000 on plans to expand Molson Stadium.
He said the Alouettes need to average at least 25,000 per game to break even and hopes his plan to expand Molson Stadium to that number will keep the team in the black in the future. The club is currently trying to raise funds for the expansion.

i guess this article i found on TSN answers my question,
but if he needs atleast 25 000 to break even, then shouldn't he make it 30 000 seats to be safe??....don't wanna tread the thin line year-after-year.

I'd just play in the Big O, but that's is just my humble opinion. It seems that the Al's are done with the Big O once and for all.

a NEW 30,000+ stadium for the Al's would be great, one problem, you got the money for that?

Molson is ok, but can they really sell out year after year?

Molson stadium and an uncertain future, here we go!

i will be so angry if the government chips in for this, they should chip in for a stadium in Halifax first.

Playing every game at olympic stadium would be a disaster for several reasons. First of all its an ugly stadium. SAecond of all its in the middle of nowhere where the population is much less dense and therefore is a pain to get to. Third the facilities are horribly outdated theyd be playing on old astroturf which leads to lots of injuries. Fourth if attendance starts to drop itll be worse in olympic stadium than at moslson stadium

I agree, after a renovation and addition of seats at Molson stadium, it will be a great place for the Als to play. I don't see the Als playing at Olympic Stadium anytime in the near future with last week's "disaster"(if thats an appropriate word for it). And I agree with you sportyguy, I'd be upset if the government paid money to build a new stadium in montreal when the cfl clearly needs a 10th franchise in a city with a stadium.

past your bedtime when you wrote that
First of all the Argos play in Toronto the Als play in Montreal :lol:
How can anyone call 31,000 a disaster? Its not 50,000 but it is 11,000 more than what they would have had at Molsons and 1,000 more than if it was renovated

Sorry, I meant Als, not argos. It was enough of a "disaster" for the owners to consider not returning to Olympic Stadium next year. I thought it was pretty disappointing that you could get 51,000 in a reg. season game and then only have 31,000 attend for a playoff game. Good luck vs. the Esks next week, you're gonna need it! :slight_smile:

Yeah, one thing I just don't get about Canadians and going to their football games .... why can a regular-season game, only one week before a playoff game, draw almost a full house while the playoff game can't?

I wouldn't care if the government funds this project.

In my opinion, having a successful CFL team in Montreal has done more for national unity than all other attempts by the feds.

I understand what you are saying but doesn't it make sense for the gov't to spend money on a stadium that is full to capacity, than to speculate that a team might be successful and build a stadium.

On another note does anyone believe that Als are not making a profit? They have to be, an owner is not going to stay there a keep taking hits in the pocket. He wants everyone to believe him so he can expand Molson stadium and make more money. The Red Sox have a better chance of leaving Fenway than the Als leaving Molson. I truly believe that eventually it will get done.

I stand by my post, outdated as it is, the Big O is still a Pro Stadium.