Montreal Over-Rated?

they've got a record of 5-3, how can they be over-rated?

well, theyve beaten the sad-sack tiger-cats for 2 of those wins, and a bishop-less / miles-less argonauts for another 2 wins ( in which they were taken to OT )....and a dr.jekyll-mr.hyde stamps team.

in other words, they haven't beaten any team with a winning record.

they've lost to the bombers 2ice and have lost to the when they play GOOD teams, they lose.

the only way they beat BC next week, is if jarious jackson is starting, along with geroy simon sitting out.

i dunno have to give them a little credit ...the Als. started out slowly.... but seem to have corrected a few weaknesses ...namely their receiving corps....Calvillo looks more comfortable with the system they run.....The Als weren't tested laste game against the Cats for sure...due to another pathetic performance by Maas and his gang (but that's another story...they sure get up for the Bombers).. but don't sell Montreal short...there's still a lot of talent on that club...and they still have one of the most solid qbs. in the league in A.C....we'll see what they can do against the leos...will be interesting.... :roll:

....the win over the stamps was against an effective red and white, not the bungling keystone cop version, so don't discount that W for the als......remember, they had to come back from a deficit to win that one and did so IMO in a earned manner...sorry, but I don't see then as push overs this year by any means....

No one is claiming that Montreal is a powerhouse, so I'm not sure how you can claim they are "overrated".

With 3 of their 12 starters on D out since pretty much the beginning of the season, they still have given up less points then every team with the exception of the Riders.

Yes the Bombers had Montreal's number but that was a couple months ago already, an eternity in the CFL.

Any team that can win 5 straight after coming out of the gate 0-3 has a lot of toughness.

Of the 8 games Toronto played, their two games against Montreal are the games they gave up the most points.

Montreal still has a number of issues like second half production and problems on kick returns but Winnipeg has a terrible secondary, problems with their kicking game.

Toronto has a great defense but their offense is unproven even with a healthy Bishop and they can't run the ball in any meaningful way.

Hamilton is improving but they are still a doormath but like they showed against Winnipeg they can spoil things.

Right now I would have to say that both Montreal and Winnipeg are pretty much on par.

winnipegs secondary is far from terrible, when your missing seventy five percent of your starters for most of the season the same thing would happen to any team... the last couple of game we had 2 starters back(malbrough was injured yet again in the second quarter against the argos) and weve held both teams to under 250 yards which granted includes rocky butler and an extremely injured buck pierce. but, BC is still a tough team nonetheless, and butler passed for 300 yards against sask... we held him to around 150 yards passing.... see what one starter can do for you? imagine the rest.... our best DB should be back for LDC... i sure hope bolden comes back soon so we can dump off malbrough before the deadline

may sound cruel but im sick of his injury proneness. malbrough also has a huge salary so that would take out most of boldens.

montreal is a hot team right now.... and when bishop comes back the argos wont be slouches either.... things will really start to tighten up in the east..

montreal, i think is easily the fourth best team in the league at this moment. to win back to back against toronto is a good accomplishment... to win against any team back to back is a good accomplishment.... especially against that defence.

i wouldnt sell them short.

I think Toronto can have a winning record with Bishop back but I'm affraid the hole will be too deep to get out of. I hope they pull it off.

i think a 9-9 record is very possible for the argos

Montreal isn't overrated?

Watching TSN, the talk of the East is how good Winnipeg is, and how good Milt and Roberts is.

Ya, so Montreal hasn't really beaten a winning team yet. Are they not as good because they won games they were suppose to win?

You said it, Winnipeg had Montreal's number. You're right, one game wasn't close, while the other came down to the final gun.

From the beginning of the season, Montreal was working a NEW Offence. When you're use to doing one strategy for the 8 years, then you got to do something new, it takes time to be effective.

I'll go back to a math example I used. In Grade 4 you learn your multiplications, and you're successful. The next year, in Grade 5, you learn division, now the 2 processes are similar, but not the same. You expect to make mistakes, and you do make mistakes. But eventually things come together, much like this Als' Offence. These past games, the Offence has been moving the ball, and Calvillo seems to be putting up the same numbers he used too.

The Als are by far no powerhouse like they use too. But no one in the CFL is this season. For a team to have a team's number, is only normal. Bottom line, Montreal and Winnipeg are stuck with the same amount of wins. Call Winnipeg good, and Montreal over-rated if you want.

The Als are still the team to beat in the East, and once Bishop is back the Argos are going to make a run.

Montreal has lost 3 games, all to first place teams, the Bombers and Riders. If the Als are over-rated, so are the Bombers and Riders than.

I was actually going to say Montreal is a sleeper. With everyone gushing over Saskatchewan and Winnipeg, not much attention has been given to Montreal, the team that's been to the GC 4 of the last 5 years.

My point exactly Chief, and they are winning despite a Bellfoole offence.

lol - I know from many games of watching that it is very difficult to overcome a Bellefeuille offense.....

Montreal, however, finds ways to win despite not looking overly impressive, imo.....once they gel, they could be very scary.....

Nah, I'm not buying it... The Als are not going to continue to win, they are giving away points to teams with poor records, and their red zone production is lousy. I don't have confidence in their coaching or the playcalling. They'll fall behind TO after Bishop returns with his aerial circus.

Actually, Montreal has done quite well in the red zone lately...

Yes they have, and at 2-6 I don't see the Argos catching up....funny how all the Argo fans now see Michael Bishop as the saviour. Wasn't too long ago that he was the QB commonly referred to as the guy who had everything except a clue. If he returns and falls flat on his face, I can see Hamilton, bad as they have been, ending up in 3rd place.

Bottom line they put 26 and 29 points on a healthy Toronto defense in back to back games. The next best effort against TO was BC with 24 points.

2 points is 2 points what's the point of beating BC and then getting routed by Hamilton? or Edmonton...Winnipeg better get the By because if they have to play TO,Hamilton or Edmonton in the semi it could be same old, same old for Winnipeg.

I also think the Als non import depth is getting back up there. With Desriveaux, Desjardins,Spencer,Bourke and Carter all first year players.This will come into play as the season progresses.

Its looking like a crossover by one of the Alberta teams is quite possible :frowning:

You mean like the 9 points they gave to Hamilton last night?

Check out the standings. The Als are in second place for points allowed with only 155.

Yeah, our D is quietly putting together a very impressive season. And it's even more impressive given the personnel we've been missing:

Tim Strickland: SAM linebacker, defensive captain (missed 4games)

Davis Sanchez: starting corner, leader of the secondary

We've been without the leader of our secondary and our defensive captain for many games now and haven't missed a beat. I don't think Chris Jones is getting enough credit as a coach. I also don't think Jim Popp is getting enough credit for assembling this squad.