Montreal @ Ottawa

Didier Orméjuste ?@DidierRDS 5m5 minutes ago
Rakeem Cato is practicing with the starters and Jonathan Crompton is not at practice. #Alouettes #CFL

Crompton was given every opportunity and really was no better than Alex Brink. Time to move on.

Also, Tyrell Sutton is working with the starters.

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 4m4 minutes ago
According to a team official, Crompton's at a doctor's office.

Maybe an arm specialist that can point it in the right direction.

Maybe he needs glasses. I'd have him see an eye doctor.

Cato will start. Win or lose at least its an investment in the future. :thup: :thup:

Merci Sheldon. J'ai vaguement l'impression que Crompton pourrait servir aux Alouettes la médecine qui lui a permis de partir d'Edmonton pour venir à Montréal. Je vois mal qui pourrait être intéressé à ses services présentement, mais si une équipe est assez masochiste pour nous faire ce cadeau, il faudra probablement la remercier dans quelques saisons.

Apparemment, blessures à l'épaule et à la main gauche.

Popp confirmed it.

If JC is out, wonder if Bridge gets healthy or Boone gets a game cheque?

No confidence in Bridge. Boone put on the active roster.

Wow, that`s surprising. I found this on Boone, not exactly Tom Brady.

[url=] ... id=2552368[/url]

At least you found an NFL scouting report. Most QB's playing in the CFL didn't even make it that far. Don't read too much into it. Ricky Ray never had one :wink:

Anthony Boone doesn’t need to be Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. He only needs to be better than Brandon Bridge and comparing college stats puts the advantage squarely in Boone’s corner - more yards passing, a much higher completion rate (59+% over two years vs 50%) and thus a better QB rating.

And then there is this article which puts Boone in the WINNER category - 14-2 as the Dookie starter:

[url=] ... t-the-hype[/url]

There`s a familiar ring to this, kind of reminds me of someone. :smiley:

  • "At his worst, even Boone understands the victory in the ledger was in spite of his effort, not because of it."

  • “I care whether my team wins or loses on Saturday, and that may or may not be because of me,? Boone said. “If you look back at Virginia Tech [last season], my defense really helped me. It’s not just the quarterback.?

  • "That stretch seems to define Boone in a way. Why credit the QB when it was his supporting cast that carried the team for so long?"

Ottawa has faced the Als under favourable circumstances this season:

[i]GAME 1: Had almost two weeks to game plan (finished exhibition shed early) and got down to a rookie 3rd string QB before half-time.

GAME 2: Had another two weeks (bye week) to game plan

GAME 3: Als get a 4 day work week, including two travel days.[/i]

The vagaries of CFL scheduling.

Maybe that scouting report explains the reason why.

Heady quarterback. Makes sound decisions when asked to zone-read and when diagnosing pre-snap.

But of course, a qb has to be able to execute as well which is where Boone will likely fall short. Perhaps Boone will eventually be a coach somewhere.

Honnêtement, je ne m'attends pas à une victoire demain. Les Alouettes peuvent gagner, mais ils peuvent surtout ne pas gagner. Les Afro-Communistes ont le vent dans le voiles. Ils ont consolidé leur attaque et leur défensive n'est pas mauvaise non plus. Les Alouettes ont le dessus sur les unités spéciales.

Ce que je veux voir, c'est une équipe compétitive avec une attaque qui est capable de soutenir ses séquences. Je veux que les Alouettes soient dans le coup jusqu'à la fin et qu'on puisse croire qu'ils pourront finir la saison en constante amélioration. Je voudrais que Burris soit dérangé et sorti de sa zone de confort, qu'il se sente obligé de forcer le jeu pour sauver sa peau. C'est dans ces occasions que son jeu devient plus erratique et que la victoire est possible. Si on laisse à Burris le temps de tout décoder, il va découper les Alouettes en petits morceaux. Si l'attaque permet à la défensive de souffler, le vent pourrait tourner en faveur des Alouettes.

:thup: :thup: Very good, LeStaf!

Too bad Maumba didn't sign a week earlier. I believe we should be thankful to the owner who had to approve the huge salary.

Is it just me, or would it be worth the penalty to just DRILL Burris and plant him into the turf.

Bet his feet would get VERY "happy" quickly.

@#&%*^()&^%#%&^*( Thorpe

DO SOMETHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lavoie is the one who initiated a helmet to helmet hit, lowering his head into Hefty's.

Vice-versa and Hefty would be tossed.