Montreal @ Ottawa

Does the defense not know how to do pass coverage?

Awful defence alot of work to do. Teams did there homework.

Really of all the crap that happens in a play u call that on Giguere? Wow...

Bad call.

Did we really have to release Jeff Tisdale in order to keep a penalty machine named Jonathan Hefney?

Als continue the penalties

Its funny how ur not allowed to throw the invicible flag but burris is allowed to constantly make the sign with his hands that the penalty is on our side. I hope someone steps on his hands with metal cleets.

Hope Popp is watching the CBs and DBs at NFL camps.

Hefney not the only guilty Al but he leads the way!

Baptism under fire for the rookie. He's has them in position to win though. The defense needs to hold them on this possession.

Do we need a new DC?

Doubt anyone wearing metal on a field turf field, but I understand the sentiment.

There is some smug and swarmy about HB.

How was that big catch not an interception?

No hope Higgins gets the call, no matter the facts, but worth trying

It would have been a great INT, but the receiver was uncontested.

Wow, how can that be a pass interference?

Higgins is a joke. Ridiculous challenge on the pass interference call. Higgins the correct play to challenge was the Burris fumble before half. Not the late interference. Is higgins awake?

Hoopster it was easy, it was clear faceguarding. . . Ellis never looked back at the qb, and the ball hit him in the back of his helmet.


This defence we have has seen Burris over 40 times in there career. If i dont see blood at Hebert this week than Thorpe can go eff himself.