Montreal @ Ottawa

And Mr Schonert. . . please, please, please, think up SOMETHING different to call on second and short.

But, to give credit where credit is due. . . Ottawa's best secondary player is DHB Kanneh; and so far the offence has stayed far away from him, so kudos for that.

Cato be smart. Terrible int.

Silly interceptions by Cato. Good way to give momentum back. Come on Higgins coach these guys. Rookie errors

No challenge on the Burris fumble? Higgins clueless

It was close, but by the time a replay showed the play from "head-on" (on RDS at least) where it looked to possibly be a fumble Ottawa was snapping the ball to punt. Campbell didn't want to risk a replay ruling.

NOEL : Vanilla defence is one thing, flavourless defence is another.

Why the hell is he so in love with 3 man fronts? Guess what; Ottawa has 5 offensive linemen. How often are 3 guys going to beat 5, Noel??

Cato needs to be benched. His slim 175 pound body will not take any hits so he is scared and just throwing lob balls. Ridiculous two interceptions. Cato size is the reason he had no nfl interest. He is too skinny

(0.42(X+G)/J) x 100 percent of the time; where X, G and J are unknown

Tootttaaaalllllllllllyyyyyyy agree.
He threw one route and Stamps ran another.
That has NEVER happened before in the history of the CFL.

:o :roll: :?

Now Thorpe's running a 3 man front on first downs, too.

Gag me with a spoon.

Gotta be Thorpe's worst game of the season.

Cato another costly INT!

I blame Cato for the first interception; but not the second. On that one in the end zone, I think Stamps ran the wrong route.

I agree with the cause, won't try to guess which got it wrong. Sans playbook, hard to say which ran/threw the wrong route for the play called.

Could cost them 3 or 7

Cato and or Stamps

And there it is

What are the odds that Deslauriers would even have been looking for the ball on that improv by Cato ...
let alone likely to catch it.

Most Als completions are at least contested, Rouge et Noir receivers too often have the room to take a selfie after the catch.

Hurry up offense by Redblacks right after the INT
Result TD

3 man rush ineffective.

But again, so is the Al's offense.

Two different plays called on this drive! Can not believe it.