Montreal @ Ottawa

The other thing is the rhythm of playcalling. It's one thing to devise a hotshot playbook with lots of fancy plays and option reads but it doesn't mean jack if you don't have a good feel for how to call a game at runtime -- when to switch things up, when to attack a certain enemy D weakness, when to run or pass and to what area of the field. In the Trestman era at its peak, watching our offence felt like watching a puppeteer pulling the enemy D this way and that as we marched down the field and scored major after major. There was a plan and second- and third-level thinking in how we attacked defences. We'd run plays to attack the wide-side perimeter that effectively set us up to go back inside a few plays later. There was rhythm and progression. The last two years, it's been painful to watch the absence of any rhythm and progression in our offence. This is what Schonert has to work on this season.



Well, Garcia certainly helped Dinwiddie, who was the actual OC. But even then, our playbook was pretty much written with crayon on a child's napkin because neither Smith nor Brink nor Crompton was capable of running a big-boy offence. :wink: So far, Schonert has yet to convince me that he is a better OC than Dinwiddie, which is depressing and hopefully temporary. He's certainly got more to work with than Dinwiddie had so there should be no excuses.

However, having AC on the sidelines one would think would be able to assist Shonert in the aspect of the CFL game.
True, but Anthony is still learning the craft of being a position coach. He's never drawn up a playbook and hasn't called a game himself since about 2006. The league's changed a LOT since then so whatever help Anthony can provide is likely going to involve mentoring the QBs and working with them on how they see the field, rather than helping Schonert be a better OC. That's on Turk. He has to put in the work and get better. Sending in plays faster would be a good start. Very hard to establish offensive rhythm when your OC can't get the play in fast so the D has time to catch its breath and you have less/no time to audible protections and scan the D pre-snap...

Before last night game, Ottawa and Montreal were definitely not the weakest offenses in the league; the 2 weakest offenses belong to BC-eight- and Winnipeg-ninth- Montreal was fifth and Ottawa sixth. These stats are based on average yards gained,per game, and not total yards,since some teams have played 1 more game.


Don't care how many yards we "average" if we can't post up at least 23 points per game offensively. Also, it's hard to assess Winnipeg because they've been forced to play their backups a lot because of Willy getting injured. Which is different from us, in that in Winnipeg, the starter is actually the best QB. For us, going to the backup has been a huge improvement. :lol:

Depth chart is up. Rutley listed as feature back and Stamps draws back in, but oddly, Jerald Brown is still listed as a starter at DB.

According to stats, Montreal is mostly average on offense and defense. The big stat the Als were last in was 2nd & long conversions.

Related to that would be that Cato getting a number of carries + receivers having low totals. You could further interpret that as Cato not being able to change a play, Cato having happy feet like a typical rookie, older receivers too slow to get to a spot, offense not experienced together, bad play calls, or whatever else.

The stat the Als top the league in is kickoffs. Bede has the highest kickoff net average so opposing teams are starting the furthest back.

Als also have the highest run to pass ratio, but the average yards per carry is in the middle of the pack. Of course running so much will reducing the passing stats.

The Stampeders have been weak on the road this year, hell the Als win against them proved it back in week 2, and it's not like they've been dominating at home either, and losing Cornish against the Redblacks was a killer for them.

The Redblacks won the last game on luck alone, barely doing it with Crompton going 5-17 or whatever that was, LeFevour going down, and Bridge having no reps with the O. Rakim Cato is due for a breakout game in which he just lights up the scoreboard, the Redblacks D has no answer for scrambling QBs, and I think SJ Green is going to torch them.

No Chris Williams tonight and a Hank Burris that stinks against good defenses, I'd be bold enough to say Als win this 41-13.

Only way MTL loses tonight is if they beat themselves

Bingo. Points on the board especially from the offense is more of a critical stat than how many yards they average.


Problem is, we've been doing that a lot this year. Every loss so far has come as a result of self-inflicted wounds.

Hopefully The Als will run a balanced offense. If they aren’t sure they can watch the game film from last night. Andrew Harris took losses on his first few carries and Tedford kept at it. By the time the fourth quarter rolled around Edmonton’s DL had nothing left in them and Lions came back and Andrew Harris finished the day with 180 some yards, 2 TD.

Gotta hand it to Tedford and George Cortez.

I've never understood the thinking behind going away from the run early if it doesn't work. If your first few passes fall incomplete, are you never going to pass again? Or are you going to keep going with it in different ways until it works? Schonert should grow a pair...

SJ will likely be double teamed again this evening.Hopefully Cato will connect with the other receivers and, our ground game will be up to par. Perhaps Logan will get some time at RB although Rutley is a capable back when called upon. With our OL functioning well, continuation of the running game is very appropriate.

What the Fuddle-Duddle was Thorpe up to on that drive????????

This is Jeff Reinbold defence not Noel Thorpe defence. Wake the eff up christ its Burris not Warren Moon.

And THAT was a Tom Higgins special teams play.

Bridge is a joke. Get out of here. Cant wait for Marsh to come back.

#$$%&^()_(&^%#%&^()_)(&^%$#%^&*() short yardage

Don't care that they got the first down, the play was terrible.

Line Lewis up 15 yards behind the line, give him 10 yards to get up a head of steam, snap it to him as he crosses the 5 yards behind the line point and let him crash the line. Stupid as that sounds it might be better than what they are doing.

Having Giguere cross behind Bridge did NOTHING, unless they do it a couple more times and then lateral (direct snap?) it to him for a sweep.

Noel Thorpe, can you please ditch this 3 man rush nonsense on second downs? Thank you.